Build the ULTIMATE Excel Dashboard from Scratch
Sep 10, 2022 2:43 PM

Build the ULTIMATE Excel Dashboard from Scratch

by HubSite 365 about Kevin Stratvert

Content Creator & former Microsoft Product Manager

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Build an interactive Excel dashboard from scratch using pivot tables.

In this tutorial, it is shown to you how to use Excel to construct an interactive sales dashboard for Adidas that will dynamically change according on the filters you choose from the side.

To show us the relevant facts, we will first review the dataset and generate pivot tables. Second, we'll design the dashboard's appropriate charts and graphics.

The real dashboard's design will then start from scratch.

Finally, we'll assemble everything into an interactive dashboard by dynamically combining the graphics.

In this video:

  • 0:00​ -​ Pivot Table Analysis & Charts
  • 6:52​ - Designing the Dashboard
  • 11:31​ - Table format & Sparklines
  • 16:19​ - Making the Dashboard Dynamic

Download the Excel Sheet

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