Build Canvas App Components In Teams
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Aug 30, 2023 7:00 AM

Build Canvas App Components In Teams

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Learn to build Canvas App components in Teams as Matt continues to add to the app he built in episodes 1 through 11. To see the previous episodes take a look be

Learn to construct Canvas App components in Teams with Matt. He expounds on the app he's been creating since episode 1. The current video, episode 12, demonstrates crafting reusable components for applications, which significantly enhance the productivity of app creation and adhere to the design standards for your team or department. These elements also extend flexibility to your users, enabling them to modify independently. Once you're skilled in making a component, you begin to question why you hadn't been doing it before. The previous episodes are linked below:

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Learn about Build Canvas App Components In Teams

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build Canvas App components in Microsoft Teams. Matt will show you how to make reusable components that are great for increasing app creation efficiency, standardizing design, and giving users the ability to make changes of their own. Matt's series of tutorials consists of twelve videos, which can be found in the links provided in the text. After watching the tutorials, you should be able to create components that are both efficient and easily customizable. Furthermore, to further your knowledge on Microsoft products, you can use the code "Matt30" at checkout when purchasing Pragmatic Works' On-Demand Learning classes to get an extra 30% off. Additionally, Pragmatic Works offers a variety of other services such as On-Demand Learning, Boot Camps, Hackathons, and Virtual Mentoring.

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