Create Custom Pages with Power Platform Creator Kit Guide
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Oct 19, 2022 9:18 PM

Create Custom Pages with Power Platform Creator Kit Guide

by HubSite 365 about Wilmer Alcivar

Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Technical Consultant at Dynamic People B.V.

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Discover how to build a customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales page using Power Platform Creator Kit for efficient payment processing!

Building personalized pages is possible through the use of Power Platform Creator Kit, as illustrated in this blog post by renowned author Wilmer Alcivar.

In the ever-growing realm of information technology, the ability to customize and design individual pages can significantly boost a website's appeal and functionality. Power Platform Creator Kit is the perfect tool to achieve this adaptability.

It's a revolutionary tool backed by Microsoft, accessible to anyone interested in customizing their digital workspace. To acquire more about this power-packed tool, refer here.

A Closer Look at Power Platform Creator Kit

Power platform creator kit ushers in a whole new dimension in the field of customized digital workspace development. Unique, personalized pages have never been easier to design and implement.

What separates the Power platform creator kit from its contemporaries is its simplicity and affordability for all levels of IT enthusiasts or business stakeholders. Be it a startup or an established entrepreneur, the kit serves a user-friendly package to design their individual pages.

Thus, paving the way to uniquely displaying their products or services, ensuring an enriching user experience. Evidently, the Power platform creator kit holds an immense potential in transforming digital marketing strategies and supplement enhanced user engagement.

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Power Apps - Create Custom Pages with Power Platform Creator Kit Guide

Learn about Build a Custom Page using Power Platform Creator Kit

In this blog post, we are going to discuss how to build a custom page using Power Platform Creator Kit, with an emphasis on Custom Pages and Custom APIs. If you are unfamiliar with these Microsoft software development tools, this article offers step by step guidance on how to use them, particularly in conjunction with TypeScript.

The case scenario presented is to implement a feature that allows users to split the payment for a quote in the Dynamics 365 Sales project. By default, this feature is not readily available in Dynamics 365 Sales. However, with the right tools and coding knowledge, this feature can be added to improve the user experience.

The first part of our discussion focuses on the user interface(UI), specifically on creating Custom Pages using the Power Platform Creator Kit. Following that, we will delve into using Custom APIs to handle more complicated tasks.

Before we can proceed with enabling Power Apps, we will first need to enable the feature that allows us to add components in the Custom page, which can be done by going to the specified URL. After that, the Power Platform creator Kit solutions should be downloaded and installed. The core solution contains ready-to-use components such as DetailsList, CommandBar, SearchBox, ProgressIndicator, and others.

The Custom Page is a critical part of this project as it contains the solutions provided by Microsoft. There are numerous solutions available, such as DetailsList component, Command Bar component, adding some containers, and modifying OnStart property. Additionally, the Custom Pages contain unique features like command bars, search box components.

The second component crucial to customize the Command Bar component, OnSelect property is paramount- it executes functions based on buttons selected by the user. Adding a vertical gallery is also a significant step as it displays the Payment Allocation records that the user adds.

By editing the confirm button, the user can validate fields entered on each record from the coll_PaymentAllocations collection before the cloud flow is called, sending the coll_PaymentAllocations collection in JSON format. This feature ensures that all data is entered correctly before records are sent, resulting in reliable data management.

In conclusion, this blog presents a guide on how to create a custom page using the Power Platform Creator Kit. It explores features such as Containers, Custom Pages, Command Bar Component, and Variables and Collections. Despite this, it is crucial to remember that before creating a Custom Page, the correct features should be turned on for all environments.

While you can create the same user experience with an embedded canvas app, an embedded canvas app requires the sharing of the app with users, and it takes a few seconds to load. So there can be some delay in user experience. Stay tuned for the next installment in this series for more information.

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