Upgrade Alert: Enhanced GPT Features in Power Virtual Agents
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Power Virtual Agents
Sep 28, 2023 2:52 PM

Upgrade Alert: Enhanced GPT Features in Power Virtual Agents

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Power Virtual Agents

Revolutionize customer interactions with new GPT AI features in Power Virtual Agents - a boon for all Microsoft experts!

A Look into Microsoft's Power Virtual Agents New GPT Abilities

Microsoft's very own Power Virtual Agents (PVA) is getting an upgrade. Until recently, the chatbots in PVA were limited to answering queries only on topics preconfigured by us. This task demanded considerable time and manual effort; however, the integration of the latest AI in PVA simplifies this process. You just need to input a URL now.

The Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) is now in preview mode in PVA. What does it contribute? The chatbots, with the GPT's help, can now serve relevant information to a user, irrespective of whether there is a pre-set topic about it or not.

Let's say a user asked your bot about job vacancies but your bot lacks any topic on that subject. Thanks to AI, the chatbot can make use of natural language processing to find the required data from a specific URL like your job portal and present it to the user.

This revolutionary feature is titled "Boost Conversations" and is presently only available for use in non-production environments when the bot is created using the unified canvas. You can navigate to web.powerva.microsoft.com, choose your desired environment, and proceed to create the bot. The bot is christened and connected to a URL serving as the platform for boosted conversations.

The software recommends you to steer clear of websites featuring visitor comments as they may influence the results of your dialogues. It should be noted if you fail to spot the "Boosted conversations" option, you are advised to make a bot in the US environment, if not existing create one, no additional costs incurred.

The PVA team gave certain suggestions while choosing a website for your bot. The site should be public, accurate, current, listed on Bing, and free of user comments and forums. The URL should be simple and devoid of complex strings or exceptional characters.

If you want to switch the website later, just navigate to Settings > AI Capabilities. You may also tweak your bot's content moderation level between High, Medium, or Low from these settings.

Finally, present your bot with a question found on your site to check how the Boost Conversations feature works.

Experience the advancements of Power Virtual Agents’ unified canvas along with the newly introduced features.

Key Takeaways

  • New GPT abilities in PVA automate chatbot responses beyond pre-set topics.
  • URL input fetches relevant info for chatbot user questions.
  • Avoid websites with user comments as it may affect conversation results.

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Power Virtual Agents - Upgrade Alert: Enhanced GPT Features in Power Virtual Agents

Learn about Boost Conversations: New GPT capabilities in Power Virtual Agents

The newsroom is buzzing with the exciting revelation of the new GPT technology capabilities in Power Virtual Agents (PVA). This latest development, still in preview stage, will revolutionize how information is retrieved and communicated to users through PVA.

Previously, PVA bots could only respond based on preset topics. This meant that any additional customer inquiries that were not initially configured would require burdensome manual intervention. The new capabilities of GPT in PVA, however, makes answering these customer inquiries as uncomplicated as inputting a URL.

Given, for instance, a customer starts a conversation with your bot inquiring about job openings, but there is no pre-existing topic for that. With the Boosted Conversations feature, the bot can utilize natural language processing to retrieve relevant information from the specified URL, and present it back to the customer in layman’s language.

It's important to understand that this innovative feature is currently in preview mode, and as such, is not intended for production use. The steps to utilize this feature begin with creating a new bot on the unified canvas. Go to web.powerva.microsoft.com and select your environment. Then click on +Create > Try the unified canvas (preview).

Proceed to name your bot and input the URL you want to use for the boosted conversations, like your company website. It is essential to avoid using a website with visitor comments as this may influence your conversation results.

Now, if for any reason you do not see the boosted conversations option, you might need to create a bot in a United States environment. Navigate to the Power Platform admin center and create a new environment with the Region as United States and Type as Developer.

There are certain recommendations to have in mind when selecting the website for your PVA. Ensure that the site is public, accurate, and up to date. It should also be indexed or searchable by Bing. Stay away from sites with user forums or comments as this can compromise the relevance of your answers.

There's also provision to change your selected website from the Settings > AI Capabilities. Bot content moderation levels can be adjusted as desired.

Once these steps are followed, your bot should be ready to test the Boosted Conversations feature. Simply pose a question that the bot can find on your selected website.

So if you’re still new to the PVA environment, these steps can serve as a useful guide to helping you navigate and get the most out of the new GPT capabilities in Power Virtual Agents.

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