Comprehensive Guide to Basic Excel Formulas & Using Formula Wizard
Sep 15, 2023 8:00 AM

Comprehensive Guide to Basic Excel Formulas & Using Formula Wizard

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Master Excel with our comprehensive guide on basic functions, formula wizard, and in-depth understanding of trigonometric functions.

Deep Dive into Excel's Formulas and Functions

Excel's formulas and functions are powerful tools that aid in complex mathematical calculations. The function wizard is a helpful feature that simplifies the use of these tools by presenting them in categorised sub-menus. One such category is Statistical, under which users can find commonly used functions like "AVERAGE."

Excel also boasts of a variety of trigonometric functions, making it highly useful for users dealing with complex physical problems that involve such calculations. Notably, unlike many other applications, Excel uses radians instead of degrees for these, and hence also provides tools like "DEGREES" for easy conversion. With functions ranging from basic arithmetic to advanced trigonometry, Excel truly serves as a versatile solution for a plethora of data manipulation needs.

  • The function wizard can be accessed through the Insert menu or via the "fx" button.
  • The "Average" function is used as an example, where the text explains how to select a range for which to calculate the average.
  • The tutorial also outlines how Excel computes trigonometric functions, and gives a list of 10 common trigonometric functions available in Excel's function wizard.
  • Each function is explained in detail, including how the parameters should be supplied and what values the functions return.

Learn about Excel Formulas Guide: Using Basic Functions & Formula Wizard

The text introduces beginners to using formulas and functions in Excel, with specific focus on the Function Wizard. The Wizard hosts all Excel functions categorized via sub-menus. It can be accessed either from the Insert menu or through clicking on the "fx" button on the Standard toolbar. The process of using the 'Average' function is explained as an example to demonstrate how to use the Function Wizard. Additionally, the text highlights that Excel includes a collection of 10 trigonometric functions, such as SIN, COS, TAN and their inverses. It's crucial to note that all computer applications, including Excel, use radians instead of degrees when working with trigonometric functions.

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