Azure Update - 29th March 2024
Azure Weekly Update
Mar 29, 2024 4:12 PM

Azure Update - 29th March 2024

by HubSite 365 about John Savill's [MVP]

Principal Cloud Solutions Architect

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Key insights


  • New videos highlight features like agentless multi-disk crash consistent backup and App Service Web App auto scaling.
  • AKS now supports deployment on VMware, with a new Specialty SKU for on-demand capacity reservation.
  • Azure Functions now supports PowerShell 7.4 and introduces a SQL Trigger feature.
  • Integration improvements with ACA managed cert and Key Vault, alongside a new designer UI for Azure Logic Apps.
  • Updates include ExpressRoute Direct rate limiting, new features in Azure Container Storage, and enhancements in SQL Database and Cosmos DB.

Exploring Azure's Recent Updates

Azure Weekly Update - 29th March 2024: In this week's video, John Savill's MVP provides a comprehensive overview of the latest Azure updates. He apologizes for the text being cut off in the top line, which was unnoticed until after recording.

  • 01:29 - Agentless multi-disk crash consistent backup
  • 02:04 - App Service Web App auto scaling
  • 03:02 - AKS on VMware
  • 03:28 - Specialty SKU on-demand capacity reservation
  • 04:41 - Azure Functions PS 7.4 support
  • 04:46 - Azure Functions SQL Trigger
  • 05:10 - ACA managed cert and Key Vault integration
  • 05:48 - Azure Logic Apps new designer UI
  • 06:24 - ExpressRoute Direct rate limiting
  • 07:54 - Azure Container Storage new features
  • 08:26 - Less than 8 TiB standard SSD 100MB/s
  • 08:47 - SQL DB mirroring in Fabric
  • 09:34 - Cosmos DB change container partition
  • 09:58 - PostgreSQL migration service
  • 10:35 - PostgreSQL AI integration
  • 11:07 - SQL DB maintenance windows
  • 11:40 - SQL DB advanced notifications
  • 12:06 - Azure API Management workspace breaking change
  • 12:58 - Azure AI Studio safety evaluations
  • 13:58 - Windows 365 updates

John introduces new video content and dives into a range of topics starting with agentless multi-disk crash-consistent backup and App Service Web App auto scaling. He also discusses AKS on VMware and the introduction of Specialty SKU on-demand capacity reservation.

Azure Functions received updates with PS 7.4 support and a new SQL Trigger. Additionally, Azure Container Apps (ACA) now feature managed certificates and Key Vault integration. Azure Logic Apps sports a redesigned UI, enhancing user experience.

John touches on ExpressRoute Direct's new rate limiting feature and Azure Container Storage's new capabilities. Standard SSDs now support less than 8 TiB with a 100MB/s rate, and SQL DB introduces mirroring in Fabric.

Significant changes include Cosmos DB's ability to change container partitions and the introduction of a PostgreSQL migration service. Moreover, PostgreSQL now integrates with AI, and SQL DB has new maintenance windows and advanced notifications.

A breaking change in Azure API Management workspace was highlighted, alongside Azure AI Studio's safety evaluations. Lastly, John concludes with the latest Windows 365 updates, rounding off an extensive overview of Azure's new features and improvements.


Azure Weekly Update




People also ask

What is Microsoft Azure in simple terms?

Answer: Fundamentally, Azure represents a comprehensive cloud computing service provided by Microsoft. It encompasses a variety of solutions like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), facilitating applications in analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, among other areas.

What OS does Azure run on?

Answer: Azure VMs offer support for a wide array of operating systems. This includes several versions of Windows Server and an extensive selection of major Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, Oracle Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise, openSUSE, and Ubuntu.

When did Microsoft Azure come into existence?

Answer: The inception of Azure was marked at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in October 2008, initially dubbed "Project Red Dog." It debuted as Windows Azure in February 2010 and was rebranded as Microsoft Azure on March 25, 2014.

Why is Azure used?

Answer: Azure serves as a prominent platform for hosting databases on the cloud. It encompasses serverless relational databases such as Azure SQL and non-relational databases like NoSQL. Moreover, it's widely employed for backup and disaster recovery purposes.



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