Azure Update - 26th April 2024
Azure Weekly Update
Apr 27, 2024 9:30 PM

Azure Update - 26th April 2024

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Unlock Azure Mastery: Latest Security, VNet, & Cosmos DB Insights Revealed!

Key insights


  • Azure Update - Highlights new videos, including AVNM security admin rules, VNet flow logs, and various updates on Cosmos DB for MongoDB and PostgreSQL.
  • Due to rapid channel growth, the creator cannot respond to questions. Viewers are directed to other sites like Reddit and Microsoft Community Hub for discussions.
  • Provides a comprehensive learning path for Azure, including certification content, weekly updates, master classes in Azure, DevOps, PowerShell, and mentoring content.
  • Encourages the use of subtitles and the auto-translate feature for non-English speakers to access the content more easily.
  • Engagement with the audience is limited to content delivery only; interactive support through comments is not available.

Deep Dive into Azure's Latest Updates

The recent Azure update delivers a succinct yet informative overview of the newest enhancements and offerings. Microsoft's cloud platform continues to evolve, introducing significant improvements and new features that further empower developers and administrators. 


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:11 - New videos
  • 01:13 - AVNM security admin rules
  • 01:59 - VNet flow logs
  • 02:42 - App GW WAF inspection and size limits
  • 03:14 - Cosmos DB for MongoDB HNSW vector
  • 04:12 - Cosmos DB for MongoDB filter vector search
  • 04:52 - Cosmos DB for MongoDB semantic caching
  • 05:30 - Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL geo backup restore
  • 05:53 - Cosmos DB index advisor
  • 06:21 - PostgreSQL flexible enhanced DR
  • 07:27 - AMA upload to storage and event hub
  • 07:52 - Close

Azure Weekly Update - 26th April 2024: A Concise Overview

This week's Azure update, brought to you by John Savill's MVP, is notably short but packed with critical information. New videos are highlighted right at the beginning, leading into detailed discussions on various new features and improvements across the Azure ecosystem. For those looking for specific content, the author advises using the channel's search feature, though he mentions that due to the channel's growth, personal responses to questions are no longer feasible.

Key Highlights and Innovations

The Azure Weekly Update covers several important areas. Among them, updates to AVNM security admin rules and VNet flow logs are mentioned, aiming to enhance security measures and network visibility within the Azure framework. Additionally, advancements in App GW WAF inspection and size limits are discussed, underscoring Microsoft's commitment to robust and scalable web application security.

The update also dives into significant improvements within Cosmos DB for MongoDB, including HNSW vector, filter vector search, semantic caching, and notably, geo backup restore for Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL. These enhancements spotlight Microsoft's focus on database performance, scalability, and reliability. The introduction of an index advisor for Cosmos DB further aids in optimizing database performance.

Flexibility and disaster recovery options have been upgraded with PostgreSQL flexible enhanced DR. A noteworthy mention is the AMA upload to storage and event hub, showcasing Microsoft's continuous efforts to streamline data management and integration processes.

Further Learning and Resources

The post recommends several resources for those looking to deepen their Azure knowledge. These include a learning path for Azure newcomers, various master classes (Azure, DevOps, PowerShell), certification content repositories, and certification cram videos. For further questions, Savill directs readers to his FAQ page and also highlights his charity T-shirt channel store, supporting childhood cancer research.

Lastly, the video provides helpful tips on enabling subtitles and using the auto-translate feature for non-native English speakers, ensuring the content is accessible to a global audience.



Azure Weekly Update - Latest Azure Platform Enhancements Revealed April 2024


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As part of Microsoft's commitment to maintaining a highly secure and efficient service, Azure Information Protection policies undergo an update cycle every 24 hours for clients using the classic version, ensuring the latest in data protection and compliance measures.

Which feature can you find on the Azure Updates page?

The Azure Updates page serves as a comprehensive resource, offering timely announcements related to Azure products, including details about new features, APIs, and tools. This platform also covers development updates, preview releases, general availability statuses, retirements, and upcoming events, providing users with a holistic view of Azure advancements.

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