Azure Update - 1st March 2024
Azure Weekly Update
Mar 1, 2024 3:36 PM

Azure Update - 1st March 2024

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Explore Azures March 2024 Update: New Features in API Management, AKS Enhancements, OpenAI Models & More!

Key insights


  • Azure API Management updates enhance service for creating and managing APIs, streamlining development and increasing connectivity.
  • Azure Site Recovery (ASR) improves VMware VM data disk replication, offering better control for disaster recovery.
  • Adjustments in AKS node soak duration improve cluster responsiveness by allowing new nodes to stabilize before workload handling.
  • New features potentially simplify AKS migrations by disabling network policies, minimizing issues during complex transitions.
  • Integration of Istio-based service mesh in AKS enhances network control and microservice communication security.


Exploring Azure's Recent Updates

The latest Azure Weekly Update brings insights into various Azure topics, highlighting significant updates worth noting. From advancements in API Management to novel integrations in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and beyond, these updates showcase Microsoft's commitment to enhancing its cloud platform's efficiency, security, and usability.


  •  API Management updates
  •  ASR VMware VM data disk replication
  •  AKS node soak duration
  •  AKS migration disable network policy
  •  AKS Istio-based service mesh
  •  AKS capacity reservation
  •  AKS in-place OS SKU migration
  •  AKS K8S 1.29
  •  Azure Function HTTP streams in Node.js
  •  App GW TLS and TCP protocol support
  •  App Gateway for Containers
  •  DNAT NVA with vWAN
  •  Encryption at host Premium SSDv2 and Ultra disk new regions
  •  NBCROW compression for Kusto TDS
  •  Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL CLI and SDK management
  •  PostgreSQL minor version support
  •  SQL Hyperscale elastic pool zone redundancy
  •  Windows 365 updates
  •  Azure OpenAI v3 embedding model
  •  Azure OpenAI new GPT 3.5 model
  •  Dark mode for Microsoft Defender
  •  CA authentication flows



API Management updates focus on enriching the platform's capabilities for easier and more secure API handling. Such improvements pave the way for streamlined API development lifecycles and more robust connections between distributed systems. Similarly, enhancements in Azure Site Recovery (ASR) aim at providing more detailed control over VMware virtual machine data disk replication, further ensuring business continuity during disasters.

Adjustments to AKS node soak duration emphasize optimizations that speed up the process for new nodes to stabilize within clusters, enhancing cluster responsiveness. New features potentially enabling the disabling of network policies during AKS migrations are crucial for simplifying complex upgrades. Additionally, integrations of Istio-based service mesh with AKS foster advanced networking control and microservice communication security.

Highlights include tools focusing on AKS capacity reservation, ensuring critical workloads maintain necessary resources during peak demands.

Moving on to operational efficiencies, the capability for in-place OS SKU migration within AKS is a game-changer, allowing for a seamless transition between different operating systems with minimal disruption. Furthermore, support for Kubernetes 1.29 in AKS underscores the ever-growing need to keep containerized environments up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.

Overall, this Azure Weekly Update illustrates Microsoft Azure's continuous evolution, introducing features and improvements designed to cater to the diverse needs of its users. From disaster recovery solutions to highly granular control over cloud-based containerized environments, Azure remains at the forefront of cloud innovation.




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