Azure Infrastructure Update - 12th of January 2024
Azure Weekly Update
Jan 12, 2024 6:00 PM

Azure Infrastructure Update - 12th of January 2024

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Azure Infrastructure Update - 12th of January 2024: The latest Azure updates include enhancements in storage solutions and features for Windows 365.

The update introduces ZRS managed disks in new regions, which provides users with more resilient storage options across a broader geographical area.

Ultra disks are now available in additional regions, offering ultra-low latency and high throughput storage capabilities to more users.

The update brings Trusted Launch support for Premium SSDv2 and Ultra disks, improving security by protecting these disks from unauthorized access.

A novel ADX Apache Flink connector is unveiled, bridging Azure Data Explorer with the Apache Flink streaming data processing framework.

For Azure NetApp Files (ANF), there's an introduction of Customer Managed Keys (CMKs) for volume encryption, enhancing data protection.

The Azure Load Test now allows generation of HTTP requests for more realistic load testing scenarios and supports Key Vault access for secure credential handling during tests.

Updates to Windows 365 include the expansion of its regions, an alert feature for service disruption notifications, and improvements to the Windows 365 Boot and Switch functionality.

The presentation is wrapped up with a summary of the discussed topics, highlighting the benefits and enhancements brought to Azure users.

  • Enhancements in Azure storage options.
  • Expansion of service regions for ZRS managed and Ultra disks.
  • Trusted Launch support for improved disk security.
  • New ANF volume encryption methods.
  • Azure Load Test features for a more effective testing process.
  • Windows 365 updates, service expansion, and user experience improvements.

A Closer Look into Azure Infrastructure Enhancements

The recent Azure Infrastructure update has brought significant improvements across the board, targeting both storage options and service availability. With the introduction of geographically expanded ZRS managed and Ultra disks, Azure users are now equipped with more resilient and efficient storage solutions. By employing Customer Managed Keys for Azure NetApp Files, Microsoft has taken a large stride in augmenting the security of cloud storage.

On the development side, the integration of an Apache Flink connector with Azure Data Explorer empowers developers with better data streaming and processing capabilities. Additionally, the enhancements in Azure Load Testing through new features like HTTP request generation and Key Vault access ensure that professionals can conduct more thorough and secure tests.

Windows 365 updates have not fallen behind, with new regions for deployment and innovative features such as availability alerts and the Boot and Switch updates ensuring a seamless user experience. All these attempts are fine-tuned towards creating a more robust and versatile cloud environment that cater to users’ evolving needs.

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