Azure AD Cross-Tenant Access Settings Deep Dive
Aug 9, 2022 6:00 AM

Azure AD Cross-Tenant Access Settings Deep Dive

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A look at the fantastic cross-tenant access settings capability. New controls for guest accounts both inbound and outbound and you can finally get rid of double MFA!

To control how your Azure AD organization collaborates with other Azure AD organizations through B2B collaboration, use External Identities cross-tenant access settings. These options affect the level of outgoing access your users have to external organizations as well as the level of inbound access users in external Azure AD organizations have to your resources.

In this Video

  • Introduction
  • External identities and B2B
  • Current external collaboration settings
  • Cross-tenant access settings
  • Organizational settings and default settings
  • Inbound and outbound settings
  • Organization specific settings
  • Demo of inbound and outbound settings
  • Trusting inbound claims
  • Looking at the token for MFA property
  • How to get started
  • Summary

Configure cross-tenant access settings for B2B collaboration