Azure AD App Proxy Deep Dive
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Apr 17, 2023 12:32 PM

Azure AD App Proxy Deep Dive

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A look at making applications available externally while leveraging all the key identity features of Azure AD.

Azure AD App Proxy is a feature of Azure Active Directory that allows organizations to securely publish internal web applications to external users. With Azure AD App Proxy, users can access these applications from anywhere, without the need for a VPN connection or exposing the application to the public internet.

Azure AD App Proxy works by creating a secure tunnel between the user’s device and the internal web application. When a user tries to access the published application, they are redirected to the Azure AD App Proxy service, which validates their identity and checks their authorization. If the user is authorized, the App Proxy service forwards the request to the internal web application over the secure tunnel.

Azure AD App Proxy also provides additional security features such as pre-authentication, multifactor authentication, and conditional access policies to control access to the published applications. This helps organizations to ensure that only authorized users can access their internal web applications from outside their corporate network.

Overall, Azure AD App Proxy makes it easy and secure for organizations to provide remote access to their internal web applications, without compromising on security.

A look at making applications available externally while leveraging all the key identity features of Azure AD.

In this Video

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:21 - The challenge today
  • 01:46 - How can services be exposed externally
  • 03:21 - The cloud shift and AAD App Proxy
  • 05:59 - How AAD App Proxy works
  • 12:56 - Licensing
  • 13:28 - Adding connectors
  • 20:40 - Adding applications
  • 26:36 - Pre-authentication
  • 39:23 - Complex scenarios
  • 40:45 - URL redirection
  • 43:30 - Body URL rewrite
  • 48:55 - Performance enhancements with Front Door
  • 50:14 - Summary and close

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