Automating Processes with Power Automate for Beginner
Nov 11, 2022 12:00 AM

Automating Processes with Power Automate for Beginner

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A developers guide to Power Platform - Power Automate

This is the third episode of a six part series called ‘A developers guide to Power Platform’

The Power Platform School in partnership with Microsoft Reactor presents a series of introductory workshops aimed at introducing attendees to the different products which make up the Power Platform. Each week from 12 to 1, learn about the functionality, benefits and get additional training materials to take your knowledge of the Power Platform to the next level.

Automating Processes with Power Automate

What is the session about?

This session will provide an overview of Power Automate focusing on cloud flows and provide information on how you can get started on your first cloud flow.

Who is it aimed at?

This is aimed at those with an interest in understanding the Power Platform as well as those with an interest in how each component can be used alongside traditional development techniques to deliver business solutions.

Why should you attend?

More businesses than every have started to adopt the Power Platform. This has a wide reaching impact on not only job seekers with an interest in technology but also existing developers, consultants and architects. Each session will take attendees further along on with their understanding of the Power Platform and provide resources and opportunities for additional self learning.