Automated Repository Setup for GitHub
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Jun 20, 2023 5:55 PM

Automated Repository Setup for GitHub

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I can’t say this often enough, I love to automate manual repetitive tasks. An automated process save time and reduces mistakes. For that reason, I want to share

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In his blog post dated June 20, 2023, Michael Megel discusses automating the setup of repositories on GitHub for AWS accounts. He believes that automation reduces mistakes and saves time, especially for tedious, repetitive tasks. 
In the past, setting up a new infrastructure as code (IaC) repository for a new AWS account was a manual process that could take up to five days, involving communication between end users and developers. This process required end users to understand and configure IaC scripts, a task that was both tedious and error-prone.

To streamline this process, Megel created an AWS Lambda function that automates the setup of these IaC repositories. The service provides a list of available IaC templates and their needed configurations. It then sets up a GitHub repository by cloning the GitHub IaC repository, downloading the necessary artifacts into it, and creating the required configuration files. All these functionalities are hosted on AWS and exposed through an AWS API Gateway.

To make this process more user-friendly, Megel introduced a simple user interface via a canvas app in Dataverse for Teams. This allows users to select their GitHub repositories, configure them, and add setup information. Finally, the setup information is used to configure the IaC repository in GitHub, a task accomplished by the Lambda function in less than a minute.

In conclusion, Megel automated the setup of IaC repositories for AWS accounts by leveraging AWS Serverless technology and the Microsoft Power Platform, improving efficiency and reducing error rates. This represents a powerful integration between business applications, APIs, and cloud technology, illustrating the harmony between Microsoft and AWS cloud platforms.

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