Microsoft 365 Security with Posture Monitoring with Maester
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Apr 11, 2024 5:16 PM

Microsoft 365 Security with Posture Monitoring with Maester

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Boost M365 Security with Maester: Automate Monitoring & Reports Easily!

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  • Automate Microsoft 365 Security Posture Monitoring with the Maester tool using Azure Automation for efficient security assessments.
  • Installation of the Maester PowerShell module includes setting up dependencies such as Microsoft.Graph.Authentication and Pester, and running pre-defined commands to connect and assess your Microsoft 365 tenant's security.
  • Running the security assessment effortlessly by connecting to Microsoft Graph, utilizing custom cmdlets, and executing the primary script to generate a detailed security report.
  • Azure Automation supports the automation of the security report generation process, utilizing managed identities and permissions assignment, and enabling report scheduling for regular assessments.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities include emailing the zipped security report and configuring a scheduled report run, optimizing the review and action plan for maintaining a strong security posture in Microsoft 365 environments.
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Understanding Microsoft 365 Security Posture Monitoring

Automated Microsoft 365 Security Posture Monitoring with Maester helps you set up an automation solution for monitoring your Microsoft 365 Security Posture using the Maester tool with Azure Automation. This solution eases the process of deploying and managing security assessments.

To get started with the Maester PowerShell module, you need to install two dependencies: Microsoft.Graph.Authentication and Pester. These are crucial for obtaining access tokens for Microsoft Graph and for leveraging a testing framework for PowerShell, respectively. Installing these modules is straightforward with provided PowerShell commands.

Running a Microsoft 365 security report is simplified with predefined security assessments. Connection to Microsoft Graph is facilitated through Connect-Maester, a custom cmdlet designed to ease the process with predefined scopes. This enables a smooth and effective security evaluation.

An important step in the automation process is granting the necessary permissions to the Managed Identity created with the Automation Account. This step is crucial for the Maester report to run using the Managed Identity. Subsequent steps involve loading PowerShell modules and creating a new Runbook for generating and emailing the security report.

  • Creating an Automation Account
  • Assigning permissions to the System-assigned managed identity
  • Loading the required PowerShell modules
  • Creating a new Runbook

To automate the report, Azure Automation and other DevOps services like Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions can be utilized. Automating the report involves a few steps starting from creating an Automation Account to defining the report schedule. This process ensures efficient and regular security assessments.

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