Automate your SharePoint follow-ups with Power Automate
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Dec 14, 2022 7:00 AM

Automate your SharePoint follow-ups with Power Automate

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See a Power Automate flow we use for automated Lead Follow-Up at PowerApps911. While the flow seems simple it is actually very complex with recurrence, odata,

This video shows you a real-life power automate example we use at PowerApps911 to send recurring follow up emails with flow by filtering a SharePoint list.

And while it sounds like a simple flow it is not. It requires a recurrence trigger, a complex OData query, a distinct expression, and a filtered array all so you can create an html table and send out an email with all of the leads that need to be followed up on. This flow has is all to help you better run your business and to learn lots of little things you need to know.

In this Video

00:00 Weekly Leads Follow-Up emails with Power Automate Flow

1:41 Example follow-up email we are going to create

2:50 The SharePoint Leads list from existing list

3:51 Creating a schedule cloud flow that runs every Monday

4:35 SharePoint Get Items with a complex Odata filter

13:53 Select Data Operation to get all of the email addresses

15:13 Getting distinct items in power automate flow using Union

18:42 Filter array Data operation to get the follow-up items

21:00 Create HTML Table Data operation to build our email body

25:20 Send the follow-up email with the Outlook connector

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