Assign approval task to a group of users in Power Automate!
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Aug 2, 2023 6:52 AM

Assign approval task to a group of users in Power Automate!

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Hey, in this video I am showing you how to configure and setup group approvals in Power Automate approval tasks.

The video describes how to assign an approval task to a group of users in Power Automate. This resource features a detailed walkthrough on configuring and setting up group approvals in approval tasks. A significant part of the tutorial includes creating an email-enabled group in Microsoft 365, extending to a rundown on the steps necessary to allow its group members to receive tasks.

  • Intro
  • Explanation on how group approvals behave
  • Instructions on creating a group
  • Insights on required configuration for a group
  • Guide on creating an approval flow
  • Observation on how a task behaves once assigned to a group
  • Wrap up

Deeper Understanding on Group Approvals in Power Automate

Group Approvals in Power Automate streamline the process of task assignment among a group of users. They provide an intuitive platform to manage permissions and assignments effectively. The configuration involves creating an email-enabled group and setting up these groups to receive tasks. Adding or removing users from the group does not affect the task flow, allowing a seamless transition during changes. Overall, Power Automate's group approvals pave the way for organized, efficient, and hassle-free task management.

Learn about Assign approval task to a group of users in Power Automate!

In this video, you will learn how to configure and set up group approvals for Power Automate approval tasks. You will learn how to create an e-mail enabled group in Microsoft 365 and how to assign approval tasks to a group of users. The video will provide an overview of how group approvals behave, how to create a group, the required group configuration, how to create an approval flow, and how to observe the behavior of a task assigned to a group.


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