Are You Die Hard Email? - Make Others Successful Segment
Jul 20, 2023 1:51 PM

Are You Die Hard Email? - Make Others Successful Segment

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This text primarily revolves around the "Make Others Successful" segment

This text primarily revolves around the "Make Others Successful" segment which provides helpful content via video episodes on their YouTube channel and audio episodes on various platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The content includes insight on how to utilize email more effectively and make the most out of digital communication.

Moreover, other free resources and guides are available to aid in office assessment and provide tutorials, blogs, and updates on O365. Additionally, the segment also features 'Office Hours' every first Wednesday of the month where viewers can ask their O365 questions live.

More About "Make Others Successful" Segment

The "Make Others Successful" series involves episodes created with the objective of aiding individuals and workplaces to become more productive and successful. A bulk of their content focuses on effective email communication and O365 functionalities.

They offer a well-rounded approach by having both video content on YouTube and audio episodes on platforms like Spotify. The segment not only provides helpful content but also interactive sessions such as the 'Office Hours' where individuals can ask questions related to O365 live.

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Are you a die-hard email user? If so, then you should check out Make Others Successful. This is an online platform that can help you improve your email skills and become more successful. It offers a variety of resources and guides that can help you understand how to make the most out of your email communications. Additionally, you can access a free Office Assessment to assess your current email practices and see where you can make improvements. Make Others Successful also hosts a weekly newsletter with helpful tips and tricks, as well as an Office Hours session every first Wednesday of the month where you can ask your Office 365 questions live.


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