Maximize Vision Pro Experience with Microsoft Copilot on visionOS
Microsoft Copilot
Feb 14, 2024 1:00 PM

Maximize Vision Pro Experience with Microsoft Copilot on visionOS

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Explore Microsoft Copilot on Apple Vision Pro: Work Smarter with Excel, Teams & More on visionOS!

Key insights

Explore the integration of Microsoft Copilot with Apple Vision Pro, highlighting the collaboration between Microsoft and Apple to enhance the mixed-reality headset with Microsoft's productivity apps. Discover how these apps leverage spatial computing for multitasking and how Copilot enriches the experience with voice-activated AI assistance.

  • Microsoft Copilot is deeply integrated within Apple Vision Pro, showcasing ways to enhance productivity and user interaction within the new mixed-reality environment.
  • Despite the competition, Microsoft continues to support Apple devices, a partnership extending from the 1980s, bringing its range of productivity apps to the Apple Vision Pro.
  • Microsoft's productivity apps, including Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Loop, will be available on the Vision Pro, leveraging spatial computing for seamless multitasking.
  • Microsoft Copilot offers voice-activated AI assistance within Vision Pro, enhancing the capability to draft documents and create presentations.
  • The use of Safari on Vision Pro provides a rich feature experience, particularly when accessing Copilot through or

Expanding Horizons with Microsoft Copilot in Apple Vision Pro

The introduction of Microsoft Copilot into Apple Vision Pro marks a significant milestone in the evolution of mixed-reality interfaces. This collaboration not only furthers the longstanding partnership between Microsoft and Apple but also pushes the boundaries of productivity and creativity in the mixed reality space. By integrating Microsoft's powerful productivity suite and Copilot's AI assistance into the Vision Pro, users are provided an unparalleled opportunity to multitask and interact with digital content in innovative ways. The ability to control and manipulate applications through voice commands and interact with them in a spatial computing environment opens new avenues for efficiency and engagement. As technology continues to progress, this fusion of Microsoft's software expertise with Apple's breakthrough mixed-reality hardware paves the way for future advancements in how we interact with and utilize digital information in our daily lives.

In the YouTube video, John Moore [MVP] explores the integration of Microsoft Copilot within the Apple Vision Pro, showcasing how this collaboration marks a significant advancement in mixed-reality interfaces. The video provides a concise intro before delving into three main ways Microsoft Copilot can enhance user experience on the Apple Vision Pro. Starting with its application on iPadOS, moving through its functionality on Safari through or, and finally discussing its integration in the Microsoft Teams visionOS app, Moore highlights the seamless operation across these platforms.

Additionally, Moore shares his personal favorite use of Microsoft Copilot in the visionOS environment, stressing that using Safari offers the most feature-rich experience for users. He encourages viewers to subscribe for more insightful content on similar topics. It's interesting to note how despite the historical competition between Microsoft and Apple, Microsoft continues to develop software for Apple devices, showing a commitment to providing users with versatile and powerful tools regardless of the operating platform.

Microsoft's announcement that its productivity apps, including Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Loop, will be available on Apple's mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro, underscores this collaboration. These apps are designed to leverage the spatial computing capability of Vision Pro, allowing for an unparalleled multitasking and immersive experience. Microsoft Copilot in Vision Pro offers voice command functionality, making it easier for users to draft documents, create presentations, and interact with the AI assistant, further enhancing productivity within this new digital ecosystem.

Exploring the Collaboration Between Microsoft and Apple on Vision Pro

The partnership between Microsoft and Apple to integrate Microsoft Copilot into the Apple Vision Pro is a significant leap in mixed-reality technology. This collaboration highlights how two tech giants can come together to enhance user experiences and productivity. By leveraging the spatial computing capabilities of the Vision Pro, users can now interact with Microsoft's productivity apps in a more immersive and efficient manner.

Microsoft Copilot's ability to respond to voice commands within this mixed-reality environment opens up new avenues for user interaction. It enables easier drafting of documents and creation of presentations, showcasing a blend of AI assistance with Microsoft's robust suite of productivity apps. This integration not only signifies the end of a long-standing rivalry but also marks the beginning of a new era of technological synergy between Microsoft and Apple.

The move to bring Microsoft's productivity suite to Vision Pro also reflects the evolving nature of work and personal computing. As users seek more dynamic and immersive ways to interact with technology, the collaboration between these companies serves as a beacon for the future of mixed-reality computing. By harnessing the infinite canvas of spatial computing, apps like Microsoft Teams, Word, and PowerPoint can be used side by side at any scale, revolutionizing the concept of multitasking in a digital space.

This partnership between Microsoft and Apple, highlighted in John Moore's insightful video, not only brings cutting-edge technology to users but also paves the way for future collaborations that could further transform the digital landscape. As mixed-reality technology continues to evolve, the seamless integration of Microsoft Copilot into the Vision Pro stands as a testament to the unlimited potential of collaborative innovation in tech.

In this YouTube video, we explore how Microsoft Copilot can be integrated with Apple Vision Pro, showcasing three main ways to utilize this advanced feature within visionOS. The video highlights the use of Copilot across different platforms including the dedicated iPadOS app, through Safari by navigating to or, and within the Microsoft Teams app designed specifically for visionOS. The narrator also shares their personal favorite method of using Copilot in visionOS, emphasizing that Safari offers the most comprehensive user experience among these options. Additionally, the segment mentions the subscribe call for viewers interested in more content related to technology and software advancements.

Despite the competitive history between Microsoft and Apple, Microsoft continues its legacy of crafting software solutions for Apple devices. This tradition has been maintained since the Macintosh era in the 1980s. With the introduction of Apple Vision Pro, Microsoft has confirmed that its suite of productivity applications including Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Loop will be available, marking a significant collaboration between the two tech giants. Gabriel Valdez Malpartida of Microsoft elaborates on the years of partnership with Apple, aiming to leverage the vast potential of spatial computing within the mixed reality environment offered by Vision Pro. Highlighted is the capability of Microsoft Copilot within Vision Pro, allowing users to execute voice commands for various tasks like document drafting and presentation creation.

  • Integration of Microsoft Copilot with Apple Vision Pro.
  • Usage across iPadOS app, Safari, and Microsoft Teams visionOS app.
  • Availability of Microsoft productivity suite in Apple Vision Pro.
  • Collaboration history between Microsoft and Apple emphasized.
  • Microsoft Copilot facilitates enhanced voice command functionalities in Vision Pro.

Unveiling the Microsoft Copilot Experience in Apple Vision Pro

Microsoft's intelligent assistant, Microsoft Copilot, demonstrates an unprecedented level of integration within the Apple Vision Pro ecosystem, fostering productivity and multitasking in a mixed reality environment. This endeavor not only highlights the collaborative spirit between Microsoft and Apple but also showcases the potential of spatial computing in enhancing work efficiency and user experience. Accessible through various means such as dedicated apps and web browsers, Copilot stands as a testament to the seamless convergence of artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction. By offering features that allow for efficient document drafting and presentation creation through voice commands, it pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved in a digital workspace. This strategic move also reaffirms Microsoft's commitment to expanding its software ecosystem across different platforms, ensuring users have the tools they need, wherever they choose to work. As we continue to explore the capabilities of sophisticated technologies like the Vision Pro, the role of virtual assistants like Copilot becomes increasingly significant in navigating and maximizing the digital environment.

Microsoft Copilot - Maximize Vision Pro Experience with Microsoft Copilot on visionOS

People also ask

Will Microsoft Copilot be available for everyone?

Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 has been broadly released for enterprise customers since November 1, 2023. Educational staff have had access starting January 1, 2024. Additionally, for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers, Copilot Pro is available for purchase.

Does Copilot work on Windows?

To initiate Copilot in Windows, simply select the new button located on the taskbar or press + C to launch Copilot in Windows. This feature integrates with Microsoft Copilot (formerly known as Bing Chat), utilizing the same Microsoft account or Microsoft Entra account that is used for signing into Windows.


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