How to use Apple Vision Pro for Microsoft 365?
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Feb 7, 2024 12:00 PM

How to use Apple Vision Pro for Microsoft 365?

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Maximize productivity on Apple Vision Pro with Microsoft 365 apps & AI Copilot - Learn how!

Key insights



Key Insights from Apple Vision Pro and Microsoft 365 Integration


  • Compatibility Issues: Apple Vision Pro, designed for users with visual impairments, does not directly integrate with Microsoft 365, a suite of productivity tools.

  • Workarounds Available: Users can rely on Apple Vision Pro's text-to-speech, third-party accessibility tools, or web-based versions of Microsoft Office as solutions to access Microsoft 365 documents.

  • Integration Announcement: Microsoft announced the availability of productivity apps including Teams, Word, Excel, and others on Apple Vision Pro, enhancing multitasking and immersive experiences.

  • Innovative Usage: Microsoft 365 apps on Apple Vision Pro offer unique features like utilizing an infinite canvas for Excel and immersive environments for PowerPoint to improve productivity and presentations.

  • Copilot Integration: Copilot, Microsoft’s AI companion, will support tasks such as meeting engagement, writing, data analysis, and presentation creation on Apple Vision Pro, enabling voice and natural language commands.



Exploring Microsoft 365 and Apple Vision Pro Integration in More Detail

Microsoft 365's collaboration with Apple Vision Pro heralds a new frontier in the integration of productivity apps with assistive technologies. This partnership enhances the functionality of devices for users with visual impairments by making digital workspaces more accessible. The use of text-to-speech features, third-party tools, and web apps provides alternative methods for these users to engage with Microsoft 365's array of services seamlessly. The adaptations announced signify an important step towards inclusivity, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the advanced features of Microsoft 365 regardless of their hardware or sensory capabilities.

The unveiling of Microsoft 365 apps for Apple Vision Pro, including Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, introduces an immersive experience that leverages the innovative capabilities of spatial computing. This collaboration not only promises to enhance productivity through an infinite canvas and immersive environments but also focuses on leveraging AI to transform how we interact with digital content. Copilot’s integration is particularly noteworthy, providing users with the ability to command tasks using their voice or natural language, thereby revolutionizing the way presentations are made, data is analyzed, and documents are created.

The initiative to integrate Microsoft 365 with Apple Vision Pro serves as a catalyst for future advancements where technology further closes the gap in accessibility challenges. It offers a glimpse into how technology giants can collaborate to create environments where productivity tools are not confined by physical limitations or device specificities but are instead universally accessible and adaptive to the needs of all users.


John Moore, a Microsoft MVP, presents a captivating YouTube video on leveraging Microsoft 365 with the Apple Vision Pro. He outlines three innovative ways to integrate these tools, enhancing user experience and productivity. The video starts with an introduction to the Microsoft apps available on VisionOS at launch.

Microsoft Teams' functionality on Apple Vision Pro is thoroughly explained, showcasing how Teams Meetings operate within VisionOS. Despite initial limitations with Intune login, solutions are provided. Moore further discusses utilizing Outlook on Apple Vision Pro as an iPadOS app, alongside accessing Microsoft 365 through Safari and macOS via Mac Screen Mirroring.

Moore clarifies that Apple Vision Pro and Microsoft 365 aren't directly compatible due to their distinctive functionalities; Apple Vision Pro aids users with visual impairments, while Microsoft 365 offers a suite of productivity tools. He presents viable workarounds, including Apple's built-in text-to-speech feature, third-party accessibility tools, and web-based versions of Microsoft Office Online for seamless access on Apple devices.

Excitingly, Microsoft's productivity apps along with the innovative AI companion, Copilot, will soon be accessible on Apple Vision Pro. Starting February 2, apps like Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook will be available on the App Store for Vision Pro users. This move underscores Microsoft's dedication to providing exceptional experiences across various platforms and devices, deepening its collaboration with Apple.

Apple Vision Pro users will benefit from enhanced multitasking and productivity with Microsoft 365 apps. PowerPoint users can create impactful presentations within an immersive environment, while Excel offers an infinite canvas to visualize complex data more efficiently. Word integrates an immersive focus mode, transforming any space into a personal office, free from distractions.

Teams on Vision Pro introduces a new dimension to communication and collaboration by exploiting spatial computing. It brings familiar Teams functionalities into an innovative setting, including video calls that use personas for a more authentic interaction. Additionally, the integration of Copilot with Apple Vision Pro enables voice and natural language commands to elevate productivity. Copilot can assist in meetings, transform writing, ignite new presentation ideas, and analyze data to drive outcomes.

John Moore invites users to explore Microsoft 365 apps and Copilot on Apple Vision Pro, available from February 2. He encourages feedback to understand user experiences and further refine these integrative solutions. This video not only highlights the interoperability between Apple Vision Pro and Microsoft 365 but also accentuates Microsoft's vision of fostering productivity across diverse platforms.

Understanding Compatibility

Initially, it seems Apple Vision Pro and Microsoft 365 don't directly mesh. Apple Vision Pro, tailored for macOS users with visual impairments, doesn't natively integrate with Microsoft 365's comprehensive toolset. However, the video highlights several innovative workarounds to bridge this gap.

  • Utilize Apple Vision Pro's built-in text-to-speech for Microsoft documents.
  • Explore third-party accessibility tools for improved compatibility.
  • Access Microsoft Office Online for web-based document editing on any device.

Choosing the right method depends on individual needs, aiming for seamless access to Microsoft 365's features on Apple hardware.




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