Share Your Apple Vision Pro View in Teams Meetings
Feb 10, 2024 11:57 PM

Share Your Apple Vision Pro View in Teams Meetings

by HubSite 365 about John Moore [MVP]

Enterprise Architect and Microsoft MVP specializing in Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Virtual Events, and Metaverse.

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Mirror Apple Vision Pro in MS Teams: A seamless guide by MVP John Moore for engaging meetings.

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Apple Vision Pro and Microsoft Teams Integration: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Apple Vision Pro users can join Microsoft Teams meetings for an immersive experience, requiring the Teams app installation from the App Store and signing in with a Microsoft account.

  • Participants have the option to join meetings with audio and video or just audio, with Teams meetings seamlessly integrated into the Vision Pro environment.

  • Direct sharing from Vision Pro to Teams is not available; however, a workaround involves using AirPlay to mirror the display to a Mac and then share that screen in the Teams meeting.

  • Some Teams features like screen sharing and background effects are missing in Vision Pro, and only one Teams account can be used at a time.

  • To enhance the experience, users are advised to explore the "Persona" feature for creating a virtual avatar and to experiment with different layout options in Vision Pro.

Exploring the Convergence of Virtual Reality and Remote Work

As remote work and virtual meetings become the norm, the integration of technologies like Apple's Vision Pro with collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams is shaping the future of professional interactions. This blend of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) with established remote communication platforms allows for more immersive and engaging meetings, beyond conventional video conferencing. By enabling users to join meetings directly from their Vision Pro, complete with audio and video capabilities, the work-from-home experience is elevated, offering a semblance of physical presence and participation.

Teams - Share Your Apple Vision Pro View in Teams Meetings

John Moore [MVP] shares insights on how to integrate Apple Vision Pro with a Microsoft Teams Meeting. By using your Mac as an Airplay receiver, you can mirror your Apple Vision Pro's view into a Teams meeting you're a part of. This method is seen as a temporary solution until Microsoft integrates direct sharing capabilities into the visionOS Teams app.

Starting off, setting up Teams on your Vision Pro requires you to download the app from the App Store and sign in with your Microsoft account. When joining a Teams meeting, you have the option to join with audio and video or just audio, which impacts how you interact with other participants.

Even though viewing a Teams meeting on Vision Pro is seamlessly integrated with the OS, directly sharing your Vision Pro environment in a Teams meeting isn't natively supported yet. Therefore, using AirPlay to mirror your display to a Mac, then sharing that within the Teams meeting, is the recommended workaround.

It's important to note that some Teams features like screen sharing and background effects are not available on Vision Pro yet. Also, users can only sign into one Teams account at a time on Vision Pro. Additionally, to enhance your meeting presence, Teams offers a "Persona" feature for creating virtual avatars and various layout options to improve your viewing experience.

Moore hopes this tutorial has been helpful and invites any further questions. This demonstration offers a novel way for Apple Vision Pro users to participate more fully in Microsoft Teams meetings, despite some current limitations in feature compatibility and direct sharing functionality.

Understanding Microsoft Teams and Apple Vision Pro Collaboration

The ability to share views between Apple Vision Pro and Microsoft Teams opens up new dimensions for digital meetings. While direct integration is currently lacking, the innovative workaround provided by John Moore offers a temporary solution. This highlights the continuous evolution of technology in enabling more immersive and interactive virtual meetings.

As collaboration tools like Teams evolve, they increasingly aim to encompass diverse platforms and devices. The emphasis on compatibility emphasizes the tech community's commitment to inclusivity and broad-based user engagement. Though features like screen sharing are not yet available on Vision Pro, the workaround demonstrates the adaptability of technology in bridging these gaps.

Furthermore, the introduction of virtual avatars through the "Persona" feature and various layout options in Teams suggests a shift towards personalized digital experiences. Such features cater to the users' need for customization and further enhance the immersive aspect of virtual meetings.

In conclusion, the integration of Apple Vision Pro with Teams, as demonstrated by John Moore, underscores the ongoing efforts to improve digital collaboration tools. It serves as a beacon for future enhancements and broader compatibility, paving the way for more seamless interaction across different platforms and devices. As technology continues to advance, users can look forward to a more integrated and unified digital meeting environment.





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In Microsoft Teams, participants have the capability to share their desktop, a specific application, utilize a whiteboard, or showcase a presentation during a meeting.

"How do you share screen on Microsoft Teams on Mac?"
To share content on a Mac, select "Open System Preferences" from the prompt. Should you miss this prompt, navigate to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy at any time. Within Screen Recording, ensure Microsoft Teams is checked. Return to your meeting and attempt screen sharing once more.

"Why can't I share my screen on Teams?"
The inability to locate the option for enabling or disabling screen sharing in Teams settings might indicate that this feature is not available or has been disabled within your organization. Contacting your IT department or Teams administrator may provide further assistance. Additionally, clearing your Teams cache might resolve some technical issues.

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