Offline Image Support in Dataverse Canvas Apps!
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Dec 14, 2023 2:30 PM

Offline Image Support in Dataverse Canvas Apps!

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Seamlessly access Dataverse files & images offline in Canvas apps - a game-changer for frontline users!

Dataverse Canvas Apps Now Support Images Offline! Announcing seamless Microsoft Dataverse image and file support in canvas offline apps. Tristan Dehove, Principal Program Manager, on Tuesday, December 12, 2023, introduced an exciting new feature for frontline users.

We are thrilled to announce the Public Preview of files and images from Microsoft Dataverse in offline for canvas apps. This advancement leverages the already available Canvas built-in offline functionality, which has been in preview since September 2023. This update aims to enhance the experience of users needing access to files and images when working without an internet connection.

Ensuring that users have access to critical files and images while offline is challenging but essential. Ordinarily, downloading these files can be slow and consume significant disk space. For instance, sales representatives need high-quality product images and detailed specifications to create orders, and inspectors require the ability to capture photos for their reports.

The support for Microsoft Dataverse files and images in an offline environment is now offered out-of-the-box for canvas apps. Users can set up the system to fetch files either upon viewing or during synchronization. This functionality allows customization of the file download strategy, ensuring optimal disk usage to meet different business needs.

If files and images are set to download upon viewing, they are transferred to the device only when the user engages with them. This content is downloaded while the device is online but remains accessible offline. This convenient mode is the default setting and requires no extra steps to enable.


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Microsoft Dataverse - Offline Image Support in Dataverse Canvas Apps!


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