Virtual Network Support in Power Platform: Public Preview
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Mar 21, 2024 8:00 PM

Virtual Network Support in Power Platform: Public Preview

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Explore Power Platforms New VNet Support: Secure & Optimize Outbound Connectivity Now in Public Preview!

Key insights



  • VNet Support is recommended for secure outbound connectivity from Power Platform services to network resources, optimized for API workloads.
  • VNet Data Gateway is used by Power BI and Power Platform Dataflows for enhanced security in data integration, optimized for ETL workloads.
  • The introduction of virtual network support for Dataverse plug-ins and connectors enables secure management of outbound traffic according to network policy.
  • Copilot Studio facilitates secure data integration by orchestrating Power Automate flows for fetching and processing data securely from APIs and databases.
  • Virtual Tables and Power Apps offer robust solutions for securely managing customer data through virtual network-supported SQL connectors.


Understanding the Virtual Network Support in Power Platform

Virtual network (VNet) support within the Power Platform signifies a substantial leap forward in how businesses manage and secure outbound connectivity for their data-driven applications. Utilizing technologies like Azure Subnet Delegation, Power Platform offers a comprehensive approach to protect outbound connections. It caters especially to applications heavily reliant on APIs and, through VNet Data Gateway, supports secure data integration efforts for ETL processes. This update empowers organizations to adhere to stringent security and compliance requirements more effectively.

  • Virtual network support is critical for customers with strict security and compliance needs.
  • Azure Subnet Delegation enables secure management of outbound traffic from Power Platform services.
  • Virtual network support optimizes API-centric and ETL workloads.
  • This feature strengthens data security by eliminating the need for exposing VNet resources to the internet or whitelisting IP ranges.
  • Copilot Studio plays a crucial role in secure data integration within the Power Platform.

The introduction of Virtual Network support for Dataverse plug-ins and connectors extends these capabilities, providing a seamless way to securely access resources within a private network without exposing them to the internet. Copilot Studio presents an innovative solution for integrating and managing data across various external sources securely. This includes operations such as securely calling Web APIs or accessing Azure SQL Databases, thereby safeguarding sensitive customer data during retrieval and management processes.

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People also ask

Is Dataverse part of Office 365?

Dataverse is intricately linked with Microsoft Teams, offering extensive support for custom applications, bots, and workflows. The good news for Microsoft 365 subscribers is that Dataverse for Teams doesn't require any additional licenses; it's already encompassed in all Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Why use Dataverse instead of SQL?

Opting for Microsoft Dataverse over traditional SQL databases provides a richer feature set, as Dataverse is not merely a database. It encompasses a business application layer, along with a suite of application-like features and systems, setting it apart from conventional SQL databases.

What is my Dataverse URL?

To locate your Dataverse environment URL, the format to look for is Ensure to exclude 'https://' and the trailing '/' when inputting your URL to connect to your specific environment.

What is Dataverse and why should we use it?

Dataverse serves as a secure repository for storing and managing the data utilized across your business applications, which include powerhouse platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, thereby facilitating streamlined data management and application integration.



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