New: Offline Dataverse Feature Now Available for Canvas Apps
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Mar 19, 2024 9:36 PM

New: Offline Dataverse Feature Now Available for Canvas Apps

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Unlock seamless offline functionality in Dataverse canvas apps for mobile - Get the details now!

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  • General Availability of Dataverse offline for canvas apps has been announced, enabling apps to function with or without a network connection on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
  • Enabling an app for offline use is simplified through standard Power Fx formulas in the Power Apps Studio, eliminating the need for complex LoadData/SaveData processes.
  • Offline-enabled apps adopt an “offline first” approach, allowing them to read and write data to a local store irrespective of network connectivity.
  • There's out-of-the-box support for Dataverse files and images in offline mode, with flexibility in how content is downloaded to optimize for either offline availability or disk usage.
  • New Power Fx functions have been introduced for offline-enabled apps to retrieve network and sync statuses and to display a more detailed device status page
  • How to Start and Setup Dataverse Offline
  • How to create the best offline user experience?
  • Configure files and images in offline canvas apps

Exploring the Impact of Dataverse Offline Capability for Canvas Apps

The introduction of offline capabilities for Dataverse in canvas apps marks a significant milestone in the mobile app development landscape. This feature opens up new possibilities for developers and businesses alike, ensuring that their apps remain functional even when users are disconnected from the internet.

The move towards an "offline first" approach not only enhances user experience by allowing data access and manipulation without the need for constant connectivity but also extends the reach of apps to regions with unreliable network conditions. With support for files and images and the addition of new Power Fx functions, the process of creating and optimizing offline-enabled apps has become more accessible and efficient. This development reflects a growing recognition of the need for flexibility in how apps are used, paving the way for more resilient and user-friendly mobile solutions.


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Limitations and Availability

Non-Dataverse connectors such as SharePoint are not supported in offline-enabled apps.
The canvas app must be in a solution
Power Apps developers can turn on the canvas offline feature in the Power Apps Studio by navigating to the settings dialog of the canvas app (Settings > General ) and toggling “Can be used offline”.


People also ask

Can Dataverse be taken offline?

To enable offline capability for your application, navigate to the "Upcoming features" and click on the "Preview" tab. You will then turn on the "Dataverse offline" option. Continuing to "General," ensure the "Can be used offline (Preview)" option is activated.

Can canvas app connect to Dataverse?

To connect a canvas app with the Accounts table in Dataverse, initiate the creation process within Power Apps. Upon completion, Power Apps will automatically generate an application for you. This application comprises various screens, including the Browse Screen, which allows users to search for, sort, and select an account record, in addition to facilitating the creation of new records.

How do I make Powerapps work offline?

In order for a model-driven app to operate in offline mode, it is necessary to pre-download both the app and user data onto your device through an initial offline sync. This pre-download ensures that the app has all the essential resources required for seamless operation.

How do I create a new canvas app as Dataverse solutions?

To create a new canvas app within Dataverse solutions, log into the Power Platform admin center and select your desired environment. Proceed to "Settings" > "Product" > "Features." Under the "Create new canvas apps and cloud flows in Dataverse solutions (Preview)" section, you may activate "Canvas apps" and "Cloud flows" as per your requirements.



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