Power Apps on iOS - General Availability for Shared Device Mode
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Feb 28, 2024 6:06 PM

Power Apps on iOS - General Availability for Shared Device Mode

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Unlock Seamless Power Apps Access on iOS with New Shared Device Mode - Enhance teamwork & security!

Key insights


  • General Availability (GA) of Shared Device Mode (SDM) for Power Apps Mobile App on shared iOS devices has been announced.
  • This feature completes the SDM feature availability for Power Apps mobile, complementing the previously released version for Android devices.
  • Allows configuration of Power Apps on iOS 14 or higher devices for secure and easy sharing among employees.
  • Facilitates single sign-on (SSO) for employees to all supporting apps, providing faster access to information.
  • Ensures secure sharing, where signing out from any SDM supported app signs the user out of all supported apps and removes access to the previous user’s data for the next employee.

Shared Device Mode for Power Apps on iOS now General Availability 

The recent announcement of the General Availability of Shared Device Mode (SDM) for the Power Apps Mobile App on iOS devices marks a significant enhancement in the way businesses can utilize shared devices. This feature is especially useful in workplaces where employees use common devices for their tasks. It simplifies the login process by enabling employees to sign in once for access to all apps that support this feature, thus saving time and improving operational efficiency.

Shared device mode enables the configuration of an iOS 14 or later device to facilitate and ensure the secure sharing of devices among employees. Single sign-on (SSO) to all apps that support it enables employees to log in once and access information more quickly.

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Shared Device Mode for Frontline Workers

Frontline employees in retail, aviation, and field service often rely on shared mobile devices. This can lead to security risks if login credentials are accidentally or intentionally compromised.

Shared device mode for iOS 14+ offers a solution:

  • Enhanced Security: Employees avoid sharing passwords and sensitive data remains protected between shifts.
  • Easy Access: Single sign-on (SSO) speeds up access to business-critical apps.
  • Quick Turnover: A global sign-out feature makes devices immediately ready for the next user.

How Does It Work?

IT admins use mobile device management (MDM) tools to:

To configure a sharing device, administrators employ a mobile device management (MDM) solution such as Microsoft Intune. The MDM enables "Shared Mode" on each device via a profile update by pushing the Microsoft Authenticator application to the devices. The Shared Mode configuration modifies the behavior of the device's supported applications.

App developers must:

Create a single-account application to handle the following scenario (multiple-account applications are not supported in shared device mode):

  • Design apps for single-account use.
  • Integrate sign-in/sign-out across all supported apps.
  • Allow apps to recognize shared device mode.
  • Microsoft applications that support shared device mode on iOS don't require any changes and just need to be installed on the device to get the benefits of shared device mode.

Key Takeaway:

Shared device mode boosts security and convenience, benefiting frontline workers and organizations alike. If you serve frontline-heavy industries, consider adopting this feature to optimize your app experiences.

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People also ask

How do I make my power app available to all users?

To make your Power App accessible to all users, navigate to the Power Apps portal, select the app you wish to share, click on "Share" within the app details page, and then choose "Everyone" in your organization as the audience. This action will grant every user within your organization access to the app, allowing them to utilize it as per their needs.

What does shared device mean on Iphone?

The term "shared device" on an iPhone refers to a configuration often used in scenarios where multiple individuals need to access a single device, like in educational or enterprise environments. This setup allows multiple users to sign in with their unique credentials to access personal data and applications without interfering with each other's information.

When you share an app what two permission levels are available?

When sharing an app, Microsoft provides two primary permission levels: "Can edit" and "Can view." The "Can edit" permission allows the recipient to modify the app, including its design and functionality, whereas the "Can view" permission level permits the user only to use the app without making any alterations to its configuration or design.

How do I give someone access to power apps?

To grant an individual access to Power Apps, you should navigate to the Power Apps portal, locate and select the specific app you wish to share, and then click on the "Share" option. From there, you can enter the email addresses of the individuals you want to share the app with and assign the appropriate permission level ("Can edit" or "Can view") based on how you want them to interact with the app.



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