Mastering Power Platform CoE Kit
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Apr 7, 2024 4:30 PM

Mastering Power Platform CoE Kit

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Maximize Power Platform efficiency with the comprehensive CoE Starter Kit guide for admins and developers.

Key insights

  • The Power Platform Centre of Excellence Starter Kit is a comprehensive package developed by the Microsoft Power CAT team to aid organizations in managing and governing their Power Platform assets, encouraging wider adoption and best practices.
  • Not a Silver Bullet: The Starter Kit does not automatically solve all Power Platform issues such as environment strategy, licensing, or all administration problems. It's a foundational tool, with the success of its implementation depending on how organizations act on the gathered data.
  • Monthly Updates and Community Involvement: New versions of the CoE Starter Kit are released monthly, and users are encouraged to engage with its development through issue reporting and suggestions on GitHub.
  • Pre-Requisites and Set-Up: Prior to installation, a number of pre-requisites need to be met including creating environments, setting up DLP policies, licensing, and having a good understanding of Power Apps & Power Automate.
  • Audit, Nurture, and Innovation Components: The kit includes various components focused on governance, adoption, innovation, and administration, each offering specific tools and functionalities to enhance the management and use of Power Platform assets.

Deeper Dive into the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit

The Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit serves as a critical tool for organizations aiming to streamline the administration, governance, and adoption of their Power Platform assets. Developed by the expert team at Microsoft, this kit packs a wide range of solutions and tools designed to collect detailed data across a company's Power Platform estate. Its core components include Power Automate flows for data collection and automated administrative tasks, canvas and model-driven apps for monitoring, and Power BI reports for analytics.

However, it is essential to understand that the Starter Kit acts merely as a starting point. While it consolidates crucial information and provides templates for operational efficiency, it won't independently resolve all Power Platform challenges. Each organization's results will significantly depend on how they utilize the provided data and tools. Regular updates and active community engagement through GitHub are parts of the Starter Kit’s evolving nature, which users are encouraged to participate in by reporting issues or contributing ideas.

Setting up the CoE Starter Kit requires meticulous preparation, including environmental setups, licensing, and a solid grasp of Power Apps and Power Automate. Beyond the basic setup, the kit proposes more advanced components focused on compliance, nurturing platform adoption, managing innovation backlogs, and understanding administrative demands. As such, the CoE Starter Kit is more than a set of tools; it is part of a broader strategy aimed at empowering organizations to fully leverage the potential of their Power Platform investments.

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An Intro To The Power Platform Centre of Excellence Starter Kit represents a comprehensive toolset for administrators. It's designed to assist with the administration, governance, and management of Power Platform estates, and foster wider adoption and best practices. Introduced in 2019, the kit has considerably expanded since its inception.

At its core, the kit includes:

  • Many Power Automate flows for data collection and administrative task automation,
  • Pre-built apps for monitoring and action,
  • Power BI reports for analytics.
It's a foundation, offering tools you might build yourself, but provides a handy head start.

It's crucial to realize what the CoE Starter Kit is not. It doesn’t solve all Power Platform challenges, like environment strategy or licensing issues. It’s a starter pack, lacking perfection, allowing for foundational set-up sans magic solutions to every problem.

To obtain the kit, new versions are released monthly, with all materials housed on GitHub. Prior to installation, certain pre-requisites, including environments, licenses, and a service account set-up, are essential.

The Core Components form the essence of the CoE Starter Kit, offering over 100 flows and several apps focused on Power Platform admin tasks. Audit, Nurture, and ALM Accelerator components provide governance, adoption, and lifecycle management support respectively. Despite its utility, the kit must be regularly updated and can be extended as per organizational needs, albeit with caution to avoid future update conflicts.

Remember, while the CoE Starter Kit is valuable, it isn't a panacea. It serves as a base from which to build, customize, and extend according to specific organizational needs. Engagement with the kit’s community and contribution to its evolution is encouraged.

Deeper Dive into Power Setup Solutions

The Power Platform Centre of Excellence Starter Kit stands as a testament to Microsoft's commitment to empowering administrators and organizations to better manage their Power Platform environments. Through its meticulously designed components, the Kit lays down a robust foundation for governance, innovation, and enhanced productivity within the Power Platform ecosystem.

While the Kit offers a significant starting point, its true potential is unleashed when organizations tailor it to their unique contexts. The encouragement for customization and extension speaks to the flexible nature of the Power Platform, where innovation is only limited by one's creativity.

Moreover, the emphasis on community contribution and engagement with the project highlights the collaborative spirit that drives the Power Platform community forward. By sharing insights, challenges, and solutions, administrators not only enhance their own setups but also contribute to the collective wisdom that benefits all.

In essence, the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit encapsulates the essence of strategic administration within the Power Platform realm. It provides the tools, the foundation, and the community support necessary to advance toward a more governed, innovative, and productive future.

As the landscape of digital transformation continues to evolve, the Kit will undoubtedly remain a critical asset for organizations looking to harness the full potential of their Power Platform investments. It serves not just as a starting point, but as a beacon guiding the way towards excellence in digital innovation and administration.

People also ask

What is the Power Platform CoE starter kit?

The CoE Starter Kit provided by Microsoft is an assembly of numerous tools and components meticulously curated to assist in the initiation of a strategic plan for the adoption and assistance of the Microsoft Power Platform. It specifically emphasizes on Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents, aiming to streamline the process of implementation and usage within organizations.

What identity should I install the CoE starter kit with?

For the installation of the CoE Starter Kit, it's imperative to use an identity that has extensive access across your Power Platform environments. This identity must be equipped with specific licenses and roles, namely: either as a Microsoft Power Platform service admin, a global tenant admin, or a Dynamics 365 service admin, to ensure seamless integration and functionality.

What are the 4 components of Power Platform?

The Power Platform is composed of four core components aimed at enhancing business processes and productivity. These include Power BI, which serves as the platform's analytical tool; Power Apps, providing a suite of low-code tools for creating custom business applications; Power Pages, which offers a straightforward method for constructing low-code, secure business websites; and Power Automate, which automates workflows between applications and services. Additionally, Power Virtual Agents enable the development of advanced chatbots for customer engagement and internal support.

What is Microsoft Power Platform used for?

Designed as a comprehensive low-code platform, Microsoft Power Platform is utilized for the rapid development of tailored, end-to-end business solutions. It encompasses five main product areas: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Pages. Each product area stands independently for specific tasks but can also be integrated seamlessly to construct holistic and multifaceted solutions to meet diverse business needs.


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