Shared Calling: New Key Feature of Microsoft Teams Phone
Oct 12, 2023 10:00 AM

Shared Calling: New Key Feature of Microsoft Teams Phone

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Get the insider scoop on Microsoft Teams new Shared Calling feature poised to revolutionize team-based telephony!

In this informative YouTube video, Shervin Shaffie, a technical specialist from Microsoft for Teams, discusses a new innovative tool available on Microsoft's collaboration platform, named as "Shared Calling." Through easy-to-follow steps, Shaffie demonstrates setting up a software trial and how to employ this new telephone feature. The innovation, allows several users to employ a single telephone number for both incoming and outgoing communication. The need to allocate distinct numbers to each member is eliminated, thus expanding total Phone functionality and contributing to organizational cost savings.

Following the unveiling of the 'Shared Calling' the extension of capabilities, discusses what exactly the new addition entails. 'Shared Calling' empowers a user group to initiate and receive (PSTN) calls with a single (PSTN) phone number for the said group. To utilize this, users must possess suitable authorization for calling with the relevant license. Furthermore, the group's scalability can be extended up to 10k members. This is certainly a game-changing feature for group-based communication.

Ever heard of call queues? Well, how does this feature differ from them? Quite significantly, according to Shaffie. For starters, the setup and features are more straightforward. For instance, there is an absence of music on hold, greetings, or notifications. The setup also includes a resource account with a defined telephone number and possible (emergency callback) numbers available for outgoing calls.

One of the noticeable things is that does not seem immediately applicable for all deployment types(e.g., calling plans, direct routing, operator connect). 

Lastly, detailed steps on how to set up are provided. This feature cannot be established individually. As a prerequisite, an administrator needs to create, within the Teams Admin Center, a shared calling policy and assign it to a user group. Simultaneously, a resource account must be developed, licensed, and assigned a phone number. For users interested to learn more about Teams, visit this link.

Microsoft’s Teams in Telecommunication

Digital technology has provided businesses with an array of tools and services to foster smooth communication and collaboration. One such innovative endeavor is Microsoft's collaboration platform. It is not just a simple chat space; it's a comprehensive hub that amalgamates people, content, tools, and much more. An essential feature of this platform is the 'Shared Calling' that further extends its capabilities, providing users the ability to call from a shared platform, thereby enhancing operational effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Microsoft Teams Phone

Understanding the Microsoft Shared Calling feature in Teams can be elevated through numerous online courses, webinars, and official Microsoft training programs. This video by Shervin Shaffie, Principal Technical Specialist at Microsoft, offers an insight into the configuration and setup processes, a vital component of learning about the feature.

In the video, Shaffie displays the trial setup of a Microsoft collaboration tool and the required steps for this telephony feature. The focus is the shared calling feature, which allows multiple users to use a single phone number for both incoming and outgoing calls. This feature could lead to substantial savings on the telephony expenditure of an organization.

The shared calling feature is an enhancement to the current collaboration tool

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