Jun 8, 2022 12:00 AM

All about Filter SharePoint Data in Power Automate by Deepak

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OData Filter Query is used again and again when using backend systems to filter data ranging from SQL Server, SharePoint lists or Dynamics 365... Deepak explains how this works in detail

Deepak “In this video, you will learn how to filter SharePoint data in Power Automate using OData Filter Query.

I will cover all different SharePoint columns and show you the various filter options you can use when filtering the data.

I will also show how to use multiple filter conditions with the "AND" and "OR" operators.”

Table of Contents:

  • Intro
  • SharePoint list walkthrough
  • Filter Query on SharePoint text column(single line of text)
  • Filter Query on Choice column
  • Filter Query on Number column
  • Filter Query on Currency column
  • Filter Query on Date and Time column
  • Filter Query on Lookup column
  • Filter Query on Yes/No(check box) column
  • Filter Query on Person or Group column