Canvas App Log Threshold Limits Alert - Improve Performance
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Sep 27, 2023 6:11 PM

Canvas App Log Threshold Limits Alert - Improve Performance

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Enhance monitoring of your Power Platform canvas app with custom logging and get notified on threshold exceedance. Be proactive and efficient!

Summary: Harness Microsoft Power Apps Monitoring Power

The author, Frederik Bisback, discusses canvas app log threshold limits. He previously blogged about enhancing monitoring capacities for Power Platform canvas apps through custom logging. This time, the focus is on how users receive notifications when these custom actions exceed defined thresholds.

In a situation like this, there are three steps. One, coding custom logging. Two, gathering and examining trace data in Azure Application Insights. And finally, informing users via Alerts whenever a threshold is exceeded, or an issue arises.

Bisback further explains how Azure Monitor Alerts & Actions functions. This tool can notify an operator when custom logging breaches a threshold or uncovers a problem.

Azure Monitor Alerts increases application performance and availability by supervising potential issues proactively. It automates recommended actions based on each trigger, minimizing downtime through email, SMS, push notifications, or webhooks.

An illustration shows the process of timing a patch for a record creation on a SharePoint list. The patch duration is traced and stored. To establish the threshold for such login upfront, its baseline is created by taking an average patch time from multiple runs.

The patch time baseline is then used to define acceptable thresholds and maximum tolerable points. The example shows an alert set for every patch duration exceeding 350 ms.

To create an Azure Monitor Alert, one would navigate to Azure Application Insights via, then to the "Monitoring" section. With the help of Kusto code, trace data is fetched and then created as an alert.

Bisback ends by discussing three major sections of Azure Monitoring: Alert Rule, Action Group, and Alerts processing rules. Azure's Alert Rule monitors telemetry and checks conditions. The Action Group notifies stakeholders. Alert processing rules allow for modifications to fired alerts.

Finally, the alert logic is set, and an existing or new action group is selected to inform stakeholders. The alert rule is then reviewed and created.

In conclusion, integrating Azure Application Insights with custom logging for tracking and alerting offers greater control over your custom logging. It allows regular monitoring and conveys appropriate notifications to avoid information overload.

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Additional Perspective

Microsoft’s Power Apps provides a low-code, user-friendly interface for building professional-quality business applications. One of its remarkable features is custom logging with Azure application insights. Not only does it allow for effective monitoring of your canvas apps, but it also introduces a proactive notification system for potential issues in your Power Platform application.

Alerts are triggered when a custom measurement exceeds a defined threshold, ensuring a proper amount of notifications and minimizing downtime. Hence, Maximizing these features can significantly enhance app performance and enable effective issue resolution. Furthermore, it allows the removal of bottlenecks, making managing Power Platform applications easier than ever.

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Power Apps - Canvas App Log Threshold Limits Alert - Improve Performance

Learn about Alert! Log threshold limits for your canvas app

Are you keen on mastering the art of proactively monitoring Microsoft's Power Platform applications? This post is tailor-made for you! Today, we'll endeavour to delve deeper into effectively tracking the performance of your Canvas Apps in the Power Platform.

The art of monitoring primarily involves getting notified when custom thresholds in your Canvas App have been met. When performance measures, such as logging details, surpass their set thresholds, getting an alert becomes of critical importance. The alerts are fundamentally designed to notify you of potential issues, enabling users to implement relevant remedies in good time.

How can you alert the threshold limits for your canvas app? The first step is to employ custom logging, after which the trace details are sent to Azure Application Insights for deep analysis. Using the insights gathered, specific measurements that exceed set thresholds can then alert users. These measurements could be indications of errors or issues in your Power Platform application.

To this effect, Azure Monitor Alerts & Actions is a handy tool that helps in tracking when performance measures have surpassed the relevant thresholds, or when an issue comes to the fore. It effectively allows the definition of conditions or metrics which, when they meet certain thresholds, trigger an alert. This alert, delivered via platforms such as email, SMS, push notifications or webhooks, helps in taking automated actions to address or mitigate the respective issue.

The beauty of Azure Monitor Alerts lies in its ability to help stay on top of potential issues, thereby enabling users to take proactive measures towards minimizing downtime, and significantly improving the availability and overall performance of the Power Platform application.

How about we look at an example to further illustrate this?

Let's consider a case where you'd like to measure the time it takes to create a record on a SharePoint list. How can you track the patch duration towards a SharePoint list?

  • Set the start time
  • Patch values to a list on SharePoint
  • Set the end time
  • Calculate the time difference in milliseconds
  • Trace the result

How would you define the threshold for the given specific custom logging?

Firstly, a baseline of the action you’re monitoring should be created. When monitoring and alerting, results are collected and analyzed. With gathered results from several runs, an average baseline can be calculated. These values can then guide in the definition of thresholds, hence being able to point out actions that are acceptable and those that are not. Subsequently, alerts can be set up for each duration value that surpasses the maximum acceptable limit.

So, how can one create an Azure Monitor Alert?

  • Log in to
  • Select your Azure Application Insights resource
  • Go to the monitoring section and click on logs
  • Select alert rule from the options Alert rule, Action group, and Alert processing rules.
  • Select Custom Log search
  • Add the Kusto query or select queries from history and proceed to editing alerts
  • Select the measure to PatchDuration, input the measure type, and set the aggregation granularity to 5 minutes
  • Set alert logic to a value greater than 350ms for every 5 minutes
  • Select either an existing action group or create a new one
  • Review and create the alert

In conclusion, getting notifications for custom logging can be quite handy: it's an easy integration with Azure Application Insights, it makes you proactive about your custom logging, and finally, it helps you define the correct notification trigger to know the proper amount of notifications required.

So, if you're interested in improving your Power Platform performance and overall experience, mastering these techniques is a sure way to enhance your capabilities. Strive to always stay proactive with your solutions and take swift remedial actions whenever required.

Enjoy your learning journey, and as always, we're here if you have any queries!

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