Microsoft Purview: Expert AI-Powered Data Classification Guide
Microsoft Purview
Sep 6, 2023 9:00 AM

Microsoft Purview: Expert AI-Powered Data Classification Guide

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Explore AI-powered data classification with Microsoft Purview for large-scale data protection, featuring insights from Microsoft expert Tony Themelis.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Data Classification is a unique feature provided by Microsoft Purview. It makes it possible to identify, classify, and protect information on a large scale. Microsoft Purview's AI classifiers, which are extensively pre-trained, grant visibility into an organization's data, thus allowing the right protections to be applied. This is especially significant for those who plan to use generative AI to produce content based on the accessible information on the network.

These pre-trained classifiers are tested on vast categories of business data, Microsoft domain-specific knowledge, synthetic data, and sample files. This expansive training helps them to detect sensitive content. The operation of these classifiers is powered by Microsoft's AI supercomputer, which is equipped with specialized hardware and software stack. Therefore, sensitive information is classified and protected at unparalleled speed and scale.

Tony Themelis, a Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Purview, discussed how to protect data within an organization and maintain continuous compliance. He covered topics such as policy tips and sensitivity labels, the building of automated policies, gaining a 360-degree view of discovered sensitive information, creating custom classifiers, fingerprint-based sensitive information type, and more.

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Importance of Microsoft Purview's AI-Powered Data Classification

Microsoft Purview's AI-Powered Data Classification system is an essential tool for organizations as it enables data sensitivity assessment at an unprecedented speed and scale. This feature not only provides visibility into data but also allows the organization to apply the necessary protections. Consider the massive utility of such an application where the data is large, and sensitive data protection is crucial. The insights provided by experts like Tony Themelis further emphasize the system's depth and usability, making it an invaluable asset for organizations willing to leverage AI technology for data protection.

Learn about AI-powered Data Classification | Microsoft Purview

The main topic to learn about is AI-powered Data Classification using Microsoft Purview. This system helps organizations to identify, classify, and protect their data at a large scale. Microsoft Purview's classifiers are intensively pre-trained and tested on a massive range of business data and Microsoft specific knowledge. It is particularly beneficial if one aims to use generative AI to create content based on the information available on a network. It also consists of classifiers that operate on Microsoft's AI supercomputer, allowing sensitive data to be classified and protected quickly and efficiently.

Tony Themelis, the Principal Product Manager of Microsoft Purview, discusses the way to keep organizational data continuously protected and compliant. Moreover, it provides policy tips, ways to build automated policies and offers a comprehensive view of discovered sensitive information. Users can also create a custom classifier and discover fingerprint-based sensitive data types. The focus is on helping organizations maintain the visibility, security, and compliance of their data.


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