Improved Copilot AI features are coming to Microsoft Teams.
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Mar 27, 2024 3:00 AM

Improved Copilot AI features are coming to Microsoft Teams.

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Unlock Enhanced Collaboration with AI in Microsoft Teams: Dive into Copilots Latest Features!

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  • AI-powered Copilot enhancements in Microsoft Teams aim to improve teamwork by providing new ways to engage the assistant during meetings for chats, summaries, and more.
  • Copilot will soon offer a combined view of spoken transcripts and written chats in a single view, making it easier to catch up on missed meetings.
  • Improvements to message composing in chat will allow users to rewrite messages with added creativity, like adding a call to action or speaking like a pirate.
  • Microsoft is introducing Intelligent call recap for traditional Teams calls, automatically summarizing phone calls and showing follow-up actions.
  • New hybrid meeting features are being launched to better include both remote and in-room participants, including automatic camera switching and speaker recognition.


Collaboration and Hybrid Meetings in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is undergoing significant artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements, particularly with the integration of Copilot, promising to revolutionize how teamwork and collaboration occur within the platform. Microsoft's focus has been on making teamwork more efficient and inclusive, regardless of participants' location. By combining AI capabilities, such as offering a unified view of meeting transcripts and chats, Teams is set to mitigate the common issues present in hybrid work environments, such as catching up on missed meetings or ensuring all participants, whether remote or in-room, are equally involved and recognized during discussions.


  • 🧠 Intelligent call recap provides AI-powered insights and recaps of your VoIP and PSTN calls in Teams
  • ⭐IntelliFrame, speaker recognition, and voice isolation enhancements make your hybrid meetings better
  • 🖥 Windows Autopilot for #TeamsRooms reduces the time it takes IT admins to deploy Teams Rooms from days to minute
  • 📞 99.999% financially backed service level agreement for #TeamsPhone 
  • ☎️ Queues app to better manage customer calls for both supervisors and employees


Moreover, these enhancements extend to daily communication through Teams, with improvements aimed at simplifying message composition and making call recaps more accessible and insightful. The introduction of new hybrid meeting features, like intuitive camera switching and speaker recognition, indicates Microsoft's commitment to improving user experience, prioritizing clear communication, and ensuring seamless integration of remote participants into the meeting environment. As Teams continues to evolve, these updates signify a notable step towards leveraging AI not only to enhance productivity and efficiency but also to foster an inclusive and engaging collaborative space for all users.

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Enhance Teamwork with AI in Microsoft Teams: Microsoft is enhancing its AI-powered Copilot in Microsoft Teams, introducing new ways to engage with the assistant during meeting chats, summaries, and more.

Copilot will soon offer a unified view of spoken transcripts and written chats, simplifying the process of catching up on missed meetings. Additionally, improvements are coming to message composition in chat, where Copilot can creatively adjust messages, adding calls to action or even a pirate speak twist.

Intelligent call recap for traditional Teams calls will make note-taking more efficient and is set to be generally available with Teams Premium. These AI enhancements are designed to create a more flexible Copilot experience within Teams.

The Copilot feature in Teams showcases Microsoft's commitment to integrating AI + Machine Learning into Office apps. Bringing together meeting summaries and speaker recognition, Copilot aims to streamline meeting recaps and enhance the overall user experience.

Microsoft is also focusing on improving hybrid meeting experiences within Teams. Features like automatic camera switching with IntelliFrame and speaker recognition aim to better connect remote and in-room participants. Meanwhile, Teams Phone Mobile, supported by new carriers, promises a seamless communication experience across devices.

As Microsoft introduces these enhancements, user feedback highlights the practicality of Copilot, particularly for saving time and improving productivity across various work settings. The focus remains on making Teams a central hub for efficient collaboration.

People also ask

Does Microsoft Teams have an AI tool?

The Teams AI Library is equipped with an advanced fact-checking feature designed to prevent misinformation caused by AI hallucinations. This functionality prompts the AI assistant to carefully examine its responses through a critical self-assessment before delivering the information to the user.

How do I enable AI in Teams?

To activate or deactivate the Generative AI feature within Teams, simply follow the designated procedure.

What can copilot do in Teams?

The Copilot feature in Teams is capable of providing real-time summaries of meeting discussions and recommending subsequent actions to take, thereby enhancing meeting efficiency.

How does Microsoft Teams improve collaboration?

Microsoft Teams fosters enhanced collaboration by enabling seamless communication with individuals both inside and outside of an organization through chats and shared channels. These channels facilitate a collaborative workspace that transcends teams or companies, allowing for effortless communication, meeting participation, file sharing, co-authoring, and collective work efforts, all without the need to switch between tenants.



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