AI Ethics & Responsible Use in Navigating Power Platform Copilots
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Nov 11, 2023 1:00 PM

AI Ethics & Responsible Use in Navigating Power Platform Copilots

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Explore ethical AI in Copilot Chronicles episode three: Navigating biases, ensuring data privacy with M365 and Power Platform.

In the third episode of "Copilot Chronicles," the focus is on the ethics of AI Copilots in the Power Platform. During this episode, the author, April Dunnam, dives deep into the importance of responsibility when using AI and Machine Learning tools like M365 and the Power Platform. The understanding of biases and data privacy is a prominent feature of this discussion.

As AI advancements persist, a focus on ethics and responsible usage becomes paramount. This YouTube video emphasizes that in the midst of technological breakthroughs, we must not lose sight of our ethical compass. Tools such as M365 and the Power Platform facilitate our tasks, but misuse or irresponsible handling of them can lead to undesirable repercussions.

A key element discussed in this episode is trust. As the saying goes, "Trust but verify," ensuring the responsible use of AI is vital not only for the advancement of technology but also for maintaining digital security and populace trust.

AI + Machine Learning Ethical Principles for General Users

On July 21, 2023, Microsoft announced its support for various voluntary commitments proposed by the Biden-Harris administration. These commitments, focused on assuring the safety, security, and trustworthiness of advanced AI systems, were endorsed unanimously by Microsoft.

Principles of safety and trust guide these commitments. They address the risks advanced AI can pose and encourage practices like red-team testing and transparency report publication. These are meant to boost the AI industry's progression collectively.

Microsoft's additional efforts stress the need for strengthening the digital ecosystem while operationalizing the principles of safety, security, and trust. This includes supporting a National AI Research Resource pilot, and advocating for the establishment of a high-risk AI systems national registry.

Furthermore, they committed to the large-scale implementation of the NIST AI Risk Management Framework and adoption of AI-specific cybersecurity practices. This will contribute to creating AI systems that not only benefit customers but society as a whole.

Operation of AI systems and Machine Learning should keep people at the center. Early establishment of codes of conduct for these growing technologies not only ensures safety but also promotes a more significant positive impact for communities globally.

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  • Bias and Fairness - 00:33
  • Data Privacy - 01:12
  • Trust but verify - 02:02
  • Responsible Use - 02:38
  • Give Feedback - 03:32

If you want more details, you can check the list of commitments Microsoft made here.

The collective effort in framing these commitments is appreciated and implemented at Microsoft. The leadership team acknowledges that these commitments reflect the necessity of the AI ethical principles for the general public.

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AI + Machine Learning - AI Ethics & Responsible Use in Navigating Power Platform Copilots

Learn about Power Platform - AI Ethics in the Spotlight: Navigating Copilots Responsibly!

The YouTube series "Copilot Chronicles" delves into a very important issue - Synthetic Intelligence ethics. The newest episode focuses on responsible utilisation of AI technology, with special regard to Microsoft's Power Platform and M365 tools. This segment offers insights into understanding biases, data privacy, verification and responsible use of AI. It is vital for users to comprehend these aspects, to ensure secure and ethical use of AI.

The Microsoft Corporation has fervently supported the Biden-Harris administration’s voluntary commitments to ensure safety, security and trustworthiness of advanced AI systems. This endorsement, in combination with several independent commitments, aims to expand the safe and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence. The swift movement from the White House establishes a solid foundation to ensure the benefits of AI outweigh its risks. Red team testing and transparency report publication are some of the practices adopted to progress the AI ecosystem.

The focus of the commitments centers on three key guiding principles: safety, security and trust. One of the noteworthy commitment points is to advance transparency and accountability. This involves supporting a National AI Research Resource pilot and promoting the establishment of a high-risk AI systems national registry. This is believed to further advance transparency and accountability. Microsoft's commitment to adopt the American national standards institute (NIST) AI Risk Management Framework and broader scale implementation are seen as a step towards trustworthy AI systems, for the benefit of customers as well as society.

Implementation of the NIST AI Risk Management Framework and adoption of Cybersecurity practices which are uniquely suited to AI risks will obviously lead to enhancement of trust in AI systems. Microsoft also demonstrates its commitment through their responsible AI program driven by its Chief Technology Officer and the responsible AI ecosystem leaders. People are seen to be at the heart of AI efforts at Microsoft. This is reflective of the company's intention to provide a positive impact to communities across the U.S and globally through the responsible use of AI.

Microsoft's additional commitments aim at strengthening the ecosystem in order to operationalize safety, security and trust principles. Microsoft’s responsible AI program is co-sponsored by Kevin Scott, Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer. He, along with the key leadership roles in Microsoft's responsible AI ecosystem, are commended for their effort. Implementing these commitments requires collective effort and shared responsibility. Establishing codes of conduct in the early stages of technology development will ensure its safety, security, and trustworthiness. It will also allow the greater unlocking of AI’s positive impact on world communities.

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