AI Builder GPT Prompts are generally available
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Dec 19, 2023 8:00 PM

AI Builder GPT Prompts are generally available

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Unlock AI Power: GPT Prompts & Prompt Builder Now Globally Available for Workflow Automation!

Key insights

AI Builder's new GPT Prompts with Prompt Builder is officially available, enhancing automated workflows with Generative AI capabilities. Users can now integrate advanced content processing and content generation functions into applications and workflows via Power Automate.

Understanding Prompts: Prompts are precise instructions for large language models (LLMs) like GPT, which when tailored accurately, enable GPT to carry out specialized tasks more effectively. The new low-code Prompt Builder tool in Power Automate aids in creating these directives.

Epiq, a leader in technology-enabled services has innovatively applied Generative AI to transform HR operations, attesting to the effectiveness of AI Builder in Power Automate for processing employee submission forms with higher efficiency.

Creating a Prompt in AI Builder is simple with the use of the low-code Prompt Builder interface. This interface allows the crafting of instructions for GPT, including dynamic values for customization, and enables prompt testing with sample data.

Harnessing Pre-built AI Prompts allows for shared, cross-environment deployment and integration with platforms like Power Apps or Copilot Studio. For those interested in developing effective Prompts, a new engineering guide is available.

  • GPT Prompts with Prompt Builder are now accessible in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe.
  • Data privacy is maintained as GPT outputs are not shared with OpenAI or other entities and are used exclusively for the customer's purposes under Azure's strict data policies.
  • For learning and assistance, Microsoft provides comprehensive support including a Prompt engineering guide, informative videos, and customer stories to demonstrate practical uses.
Start building with GPT Prompts via, explore documentation, and understand governance and pricing from Microsoft's resources.

AI Builder's GPT Prompts and Prompt Builder

The release of AI Builder's GPT Prompts and Prompt Builder marks a significant advancement in the field of Generative AI, offering businesses the opportunity to streamline their operations through customized automated workflows. With these tools, repetitive tasks such as email sorting, contract summarizing, and proposal drafting can be performed with ease and efficiency, saving valuable time and reducing the margin for error.

Integration of these prompts into existing systems is seamless, with a potential for cross-platform functionality that heightens the impact on productivity. Security of data is rigorously maintained within the scope of Azure's OpenAI Service, ensuring company privacy and holding AI accountable with optional human oversight. The global availability invites various markets to innovate and optimize business processes through the utilivalence of GPT-3.5-Turbo's intelligent processing capabilities.


How to AI Builder and GPT Prompts

AI Builder has revolutionized the way businesses interact with generative AI, leveraging GPT Prompts to amplify their operations. As AI Builder becomes widely available, it offers the power to boost productivity and streamline processes across various industries.

The intuitive Prompt Builder within AI Builder equips users with the tools to create customized prompts easily, enhancing their applications and workflows. It supports a wide range of applications, from e-mail management to customer service, ensuring AI technology is more accessible and applicable to everyday tasks.

Adopting Prompt Builder into workflows can dramatically improve how organizations handle and analyze textual data. The generative AI capabilities it introduces promise to reshape many industry practices, driving innovation and efficiency across the board.

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AI + Machine Learning - AI Builder GPT Prompts Now Fully Available!


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People also ask

How do I create text with GPT AI builder?

Creating text with the GPT AI Builder involves using pre-built or custom AI models to generate text based on input data. Users need to access the AI Builder within Microsoft Power Platform, choose the text classification or prediction model that fits their needs, and provide it with the required data inputs to receive generated text as output.

How does AI Builder work?

AI Builder operates by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence within the Microsoft Power Platform. It integrates with applications like Power Apps and Power Automate, allowing users to add AI capabilities to their workflows and apps without needing to write code. Users can employ pre-built AI models or customize their own, train them with their data, and implement these models to automate processes, perform predictions, or analyze data.

Is AI builder part of Power Automate?

Yes, AI Builder is integrated with Power Automate, enabling users to include artificial intelligence in their automated workflows. With Power Automate, users can add actions that utilize AI Builder models to process images, interpret text, make predictions, and more, as part of an automated flow that connects to various Microsoft services and third-party applications.

How do I enable AI builder?

To enable AI Builder, you must have access to Microsoft Power Platform and the necessary AI Builder licenses. Within Power Apps or Power Automate, you can navigate to the AI Builder section and start with a pre-built model or create a new one. The platform may prompt you to confirm or purchase the license if required before you can begin using AI Builder's features and capabilities.



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