Advanced Project Marketing Video
Jul 4, 2023 9:00 PM

Advanced Project Marketing Video

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In this course you will be introduced to Project Power App, the new offering from Microsoft for Project and Program Managers. You will learn how to deploy the P

In the course titled 'Advanced Project Marketing Video', the new offering from Microsoft, Project Power App, is introduced for Project and Program Managers. The Project Accelerator, designed to enhance the capabilities of Project for the Web, aims to manage projects in line with industry-specific standards and best practices. These practices may include those from Gartner and PMI, amongst others.

The Project Accelerator provides a comprehensive view of projects, presenting their performance and progress to facilitate better decision-making. This powerful tool also includes a Power BI template, equipped with specifically designed reports to help manage key performance indicators (KPIs) of the projects.


The reports provide insights into areas such as budget, schedule, and risk, allowing the user to identify and tackle any potential problems early on. The Project Accelerator, in all its robustness and versatility, is an effective project, portfolio, and work management solution.

  • Introduction to Project Power App
  • Deployment of Project Accelerator
  • Managing projects as per industry-specific standards
  • Comprehensive view of project performance and progress
  • Power BI template with designed reports
  • Monitoring of project KPIs
  • Insights into project budget, schedule, and risk
  • Early detection and solution of project problems
  • Robust project, portfolio, and work management solution

Expanding on Project Power App and Project Accelerator

The Project Power App and Project Accelerator are innovations introduced by Microsoft, aiming to revolutionize project management. The Power App is a customizable task-oriented application, whereas the Project Accelerator adds functionalities to enhance the Microsoft Project for Web. Both tools empower Project Managers to accomplish their objectives efficiently and enable early detection of potential risks and problems.

Learn about Advanced Project Marketing Video

In this course, you will learn about Microsoft Project Accelerator, a pre-configured instance of Power Apps that helps Project and Program Managers manage their projects according to industry-specific standards and best practices. You will be introduced to the various features of the Accelerator, such as the Power BI template with a set of specifically designed reports that help to track KPIs, as well as insights into areas such as budget, schedule, and risk. You will also learn how to use the Accelerator to gain a comprehensive view of your projects and their performance, so you can make better decisions and identify potential problems early on.

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