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Oct 25, 2023 1:30 PM

Advanced Power BI Preview

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Unlock advanced Power BI features with our course. Master data extraction and transformation, complex data modeling, visualization and administration using R, P

The YouTube video by Pragmatic Works dives deeply into the advanced features of Power BI. The tutorial explains how the use of languages like R, Python, and M can significantly enhance data extraction and transformation capabilities. It discusses convoluted data modeling scenarios, and the benefits of progressive visualization and administration within Power BI's framework.

Power BI has simplified the way businesses handle data, enabling speedy and effortless decision making. It's become an integral tool for many companies - 75% of the global workforce uses Business Intelligence (BI) tools regularly. However, the video underlines that many users are still unaware of Power BI's more sophisticated features that can drive business growth.

Some of these advanced functionalities include natural language Q&A Question Box, Azure Machine Learning Integration, custom visual development with R and Python Scripts, and straightforward integration with Microsoft Power Suite. These features not only save time but also provide a clearer view and understanding of the data at hand.

Among Power BI's advanced features, the first is the Natural Language Q & A Question Box. This functionality uses intuitive natural language and delivers answers in visual forms, such as maps and graphs. The video gives viewers an in-depth look into the process of creating questions and customizing the visualization results.

Another useful addition to Power BI is Azure Machine Learning Integration, which offers advanced visualization of machine learning outcomes. To use this feature, one only needs to drag, drop, and connect various data modules. The video also covers the integration of an Azure ML model with Power BI and the manipulation of model outcomes on a Power BI dashboard.

The next advanced feature is custom visual development with R and Python scripts. You may create your own custom visualization by integrating open-source data-viz libraries from R and Python, extending the standard visualizations provided by Power BI.

Furthermore, Power BI smoothly integrates with Power Suite, including Power Automate, and Power Apps making it a highly versatile tool. Through this integration, automated workflows become possible, enabling notifications, data collection, and file synchronization. The video also illustrates the step-by-step procedures to incorporate Power BI with Power Apps, including building data tables and invoice data, calculating due delays, and designing applications.

The final advance feature discussed is predictive analysis that allows users to anticipate future trends by using mathematical techniques in combination with machine learning. Power BI's Auto ML can create predictive models that can impart visually effective presentations about the crucial elements of data, providing insights to drive business strategies.

Understanding Power BI in a Broader Context

Power BI has proven its importance for businesses by offering detailed insights and making data management more efficient. As advanced features become more prevalent, BI becomes an even more robust tool, offering diverse solutions to cater to specific needs. By understanding and leveraging these features, businesses can extract maximum data insights to fuel their growth and productivity. For more detailed information on Power BI's advanced features, please visit this link.

Power BI - Comprehensive Preview of Advanced Power BI Features

Learn about Advanced Power BI Preview

The digital video lecture unveils beyond basic functionalities paving the way to advanced Power BI features. It emphasizes the importance of harnessing the power of R, Python and M languages for data extraction, comprehensive data modeling, and high-level data visualization.

Business Intelligence (BI) has filled a crucial role in transforming raw data into meaningful information. Policymakers extensively rely on BI for quick and effective decision-making. It's no surprise that almost 75% of the global workforce is utilizing BI. However, the problem remains of unsatisfactory knowledge about certain advanced tools that could potentially scale businesses exponentially.

This course content enlightens users about exclusive, advanced features BI has to offer, saving significant time and presenting data with enhanced clarity. Vital components of the course include:

  • Natural Language Q & A Question Box
  • Azure Machine Learning Integration
  • Custom Visual Development with R and Python Script
  • Smooth integration with Microsoft Power Suite {Power App, Power Automate, and Power Query}
  • Predictive Analysis

The course goes into detail about each component, starting with the "Natural Language Q & A Question Box". It expounds on how using natural language simplifies exploring data and obtaining quick answers pertaining to data.

The course further explicates the integration of Azure Machine Learning with Power BI, enabling a thorough visualization of the Machine Learning Algorithm outcomes, streamlining the user experience. Additionally, custom data visualizations developed with R and Python Scripts extend the capabilities of Power BI to include highly customizable visualizations.

Moreover, the course instructs users on creating integration between Power BI and Microsoft Power Suite components- Power Automate and Power App. Power Automate facilitates data synchronization, collection, getting notifications, and much more, whereas Power App accelerates the application development process. The integration of these two platforms provides extensive insight into business along with invaluable visualization and analyses.

The course wraps up with introducing the concept of Predictive Analysis. It describes the utilization of Predictive Analysis in Power BI, which equips users with the potential to make accurate future predictions based on historical and transactional data. Applied Machine Learning techniques improve the quality of these predictions and favorably impact business outcomes.

In conclusion, it's evident that businesses using Power BI have a competitive edge over others. These advanced tools of Power BI enhance reporting and sharing capabilities, allow customization to meet specific needs and make the optimum use of business data.

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