Add Sensitivity Labels in Teams Premium Meetings
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Sep 26, 2023 7:11 AM

Add Sensitivity Labels in Teams Premium Meetings

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Explore Microsoft Teams Premium features including Sensitivity Labels designed to Protect your organization’s data in a Teams meeting.

Learn about Adding Sensitivity Labels to Meetings with Teams Premium

To help you delve into the robust Microsoft's dynamic security feature- Sensitivity labels in Teams Premium, this blog post meticulously breaks down the detailed process of adding sensitivity labels to meetings. With pointers to in-depth guidance from existing posts on Teams and watermarking, to understanding encryption, and using custom meeting templates, this post offers comprehensive insights into how Teams Premium ensures meeting protection.

You should familiarize yourself with the nature of Sensitivity Labels which are key to the protection of an organization’s data during Teams meeting. Essentially, Sensitivity Labels serve two main purposes, first - classification of the meeting and second - provision of rights and restrictions to the meetings in terms of what can and can't be done factoring in protection measures like prevention of copying of data from meeting chats and encryption of meeting items, responses, and associated attachments.

Why are sensitivity labels necessary? Well, as described here, Sensitivity Labels operate like a combination lock adapting dynamically. For instance, creating labels like ‘Confidential’ which then appear in the meeting or associated calendar item in Teams and Outlook go a long way in maintaining data security. Also, providing meeting options like recording, watermarking, and end-to-end encryption is a crucial aspect of protecting organizational data.

In this blog post, topics covered knowlede expanding on how to get Teams Premium trial, set up sensitivity label for a private meeting, applying a sensitivity label to a private meeting, usage of custom templates for sensitivity labels, configuring a sensitivity label for a channel meeting, to frequently asked questions (FAQs). All these topics are presented to enhance your understanding of the Teams platform, especially if you are new to Teams administration. Factors such as efficient administration of Global Admin for trial sign up or Teams Admin for TAC configuration, staying updated with the latest Teams client version, ensuring proper licensing for Teams are all crucial components that you need to get right.

When delving into the details of each sub-topic, illustrative step-by-step guidelines are provided, complete with directions and screenshots. For instance, when setting up Teams Premium trial, you are led through all necessary steps, from navigating to the link, through the process of starting free trial and checking your active users. Similarly, for tasks like configuring the sensitivity label for a private meeting, you are shown how to go about it once the licence is assigned to the user.

When it comes to putting the sensitivity label to work in a meeting, you are instructed specifically on how the Sensitivity label should be applied in Teams client or Outlook again with meticulous steps. Same level of attention to detail is also provided for utilizing a custom template for Sensitivity labels and configuring sensitivity label for a channel meeting. Adding to learning curve, deep insights and responses to common queries with FAQs are also provided to help you understand the subject on a holistic level.

All in all, this blog post ensures you as a reader gain a full understanding of Sensitivity labels with Teams Premium from start to finish, including potential limitations and future expectations.

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