Add the Communication Preferences tab for Customer Insights - Journeys to Lead Forms
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Apr 3, 2024 6:00 PM

Add the Communication Preferences tab for Customer Insights - Journeys to Lead Forms

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Revolutionize consent management in Dynamics 365 with the new Communication tab!

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  • Introducing a Communication Preferences tab in Customer Insights - Journeys enhances consent management for real-time marketing by storing consent as ‘Contact Points’.

  • The new Communication tab allows users to quickly see and update customer consent across various compliance profiles, facilitating better compliance with data protection regulations.

  • Customizing and adding the Communication tab to Lead forms requires testing in a development environment and possible manual XML editing for organizations without access to certain tools.

  • Editing the form XML involves replacing specific snippets to include the Communication Consent tab and the respective controls for managing customer consent.

  • After making the necessary changes to the form XML, users must import their adjustments back into the Power Apps maker studio and publish the changes to apply the new Communication tab.

Enhanced Consent Management in Dynamics 365

For organizations leveraging Dynamics 365's Customer Insights - Journeys for real-time marketing, managing consent effectively is paramount. The introduction of a dedicated Communication Preferences tab on Contact and Lead forms represents a quantum leap in how consent is recorded, managed, and updated. By segregating each contact detail into distinct 'Contact Points' and providing clear options for opting in or out, businesses are now better equipped to adhere to data protection standards while respecting customer preferences.

Dynamics CRM, now part of the broader Dynamics 365 suite, continues to evolve, providing users with more sophisticated tools to manage their customer relationships. The integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights amplifies this potential by offering advanced analytics and personalized customer engagement strategies. This powerful combination helps businesses understand their customers' needs and preferences in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Through the implementation of features such as the Communication Preferences tab, Dynamics CRM allows for a more nuanced consent management process, adapting to modern marketing needs and respecting customer privacy. The capability to manage consent at a granular level supports compliance with global privacy regulations, reflecting the software's commitment to data protection.

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People also ask

How do I install Dynamics 365 customer insights journeys?

To initiate the process of installing, navigate to the application's management by clicking on the ellipsis ("...") adjacent to the application name, then select "Manage." Within this area, the available environments you can deploy Customer Insights - Journeys or Customer Insights - Data in are displayed, allowing for a selection based on preference.

What is customer insights in Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Data stands as Microsoft's premier customer data platform (CDP), crafted with the objective to harness personalized customer interactions.

How allow form submissions without updating the contact or lead?

To ensure form submissions do not automatically update contact or lead information, navigate to Settings > Email marketing > Landing pages > Default marketing page configuration, and activate the option "Allow form submissions without updating the contact or lead."

What is customer service insights?

Each customer interaction—be it complaints, inquiries, feedback, or even commendations—with a company's support or service team is rich with invaluable insights. This data effectively uncovers issues pertaining to the product, highlights customer pain points, and identifies areas of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.



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