Add service principal to Fabric workspace using Power BI REST API
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Sep 20, 2023 3:00 PM

Add service principal to Fabric workspace using Power BI REST API

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Lately, I found myself struggling using the Power BI REST API to add a service principal to the (Fabric) workspace. After I engaged with some other folks, I man

Add service principal to Fabric workspace using Power BI REST API has been a recent challenge. The API was used to add a service principal to a workspace and automate tasks. This might be less beneficial for some, but it is crucial for documenting the process. This automation can help when you want to manage all workspaces as a Fabric administrator, without having direct access to them. Issues were faced identifying the service principal in Azure Active Directory.

Before finding a solution, other people were engaged for help. It was found that the identifier needed in the API body wasn't the Object Id listed in the application registration in Azure Portal. Instead, the required Id was found in the related Enterprise Application. This will assist in automating steps where a service principal identifier is required. To execute these API's, PowerShell was used.

  • Fabric Workspace
  • Power BI REST API
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Fabric Administrator
  • Service Principal
  • Enterprise Application

A Deeper Look into the Main Topic

The main topic revolves around using the Power BI REST API to add service principals to a Fabric workspace. These principals are intended to automate various tasks within the workspace, such as analyzing best practices, reading metadata, and other kinds of automation. The challenge arises when trying to identify the service principal in Azure Active Directory.

Notably, efforts made to finding the solution have involved the community, implying a collaborative approach towards problem-solving. The author has also provided code snippets to aid others in similar situations, demonstrating a commitment to knowledge sharing within the community. Overall, this discussions provides intricate insights into using APIs to manage Fabric workspaces and deal with automation challenges that may arise.

  • Automation of tasks in Fabric Workspace
  • Challenges in identifying the Service Principal
  • The role of the community in problem-solving
  • The author's commitment to sharing knowledge
  • Managing Fabric workspaces with APIs


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The main topic of the text concerns the author's experiences and methods of adding a service principal to a Fabric workspace using the Power BI REST API. The author found the task challenging to navigate at first, but eventually managed to succeed after much engagement and learning. The blog post details the author's mistakes and solutions found during the process and is intended as a personal reminder of the strategies used. The author also discusses automated tasks in Fabric and offers reasons for wanting to add service principles to a workspace. The author emphasizes the desire to avoid user-specific accounts during automated tasks, stressing a preference for service principals.

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