Add Participants to Teams Group Chat using @Mentions
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Oct 20, 2022 9:05 AM

Add Participants to Teams Group Chat using @Mentions

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Boost productivity in Microsoft Teams Group Chat by seamlessly adding new participants using @Mentions. Discover more!

Ease Of Group Collaboration Enhanced In Teams

In the ocean of novel updates emerging in Microsoft 365, the feature added in notification MC481196 endorses the user-friendly nature of Teams. This change, under the roadmap item 97736, aims to streamline communication and eliminate any obstacles. The update now allows you to invite someone to a group chat directly through the chat box.

This newly integrated feature commenced in December 2022 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the same month. It facilitates inviting new participants to the group chats by simply mentioning them, hence increasing the versatility of the chat box in Teams.

Traditionally, adding someone to a group conversation wasn’t rather complicated. By adding another person to a one-on-one chat, the chat transitioned into a group discussion. The participant’s icon located at the top of the chat provided the necessary option to add more individuals to the conversation.

The platform also provided the liberty to let the newcomer view the entirety of the previous chat history or restrict their access to a certain time frame or none at all. Teams products are recognized for their straightforward user interfaces and functionality, making their usage hassle-free and intuitive.

With the introduction of this new feature, a participant can be added to the group chat using @mentions. This option shows up in the compose box, where text messages are entered.

In the past, Teams would suggest a name, based on the input mentioned in the compose box. Now, an alternate option is provided to invite a new participant directly to the ongoing chat.

When adding a new chat participant, the regular option to let them access the chat history is available. You can go back 999 days when including chat history or allow the new participant to view everything, enhancing the flexibility and user control the platform provides.

The new feature functions smoothly, adding participants to the group chat as expected. However, to prevent skipping over the chance to add someone, it is advisable to pause briefly after typing the @ sign before continuing with the name. This signals Teams to recognize the @mention as a new participant addition.

While this feature is a welcome update, its frequency of use may vary among users. The feature promises two-clicks fewer than before to add new participants to a chat, but perhaps it's a fine-tuning, enhancing the user experience, that Teams could have integrated sooner.

Pioneering changes like initiating group chat from a distribution list, Microsoft 365 group or tag, which rolled out in the summer of 2022, are seemingly weighty. Nonetheless, the addition of this feature in the chat box will prove advantageous for many.

The continuous updates in Microsoft 365 and especially Teams, have always aimed to stay ahead. It’s important to stay informed about these evolving trends and enjoy the facilitated communication features as they roll out.

  • Convenient addition of group chat participants
  • Improved user control and flexibility
  • Persistent evolution to stay ahead

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Teams - Add Participants to Teams Group Chat using @Mentions

Learn about Add New Teams Group Chat Participants with @Mentions

Microsoft Teams, a dynamic collaboration tool within the Microsoft 365 suite, is constantly being updated with features that enhance overall user experience. A great example is the addition of a feature that allows you to add new participants to a group chat using the @mention method, which was previously not possible.

Earlier, adding a new participant to the group chat required one to click on the participant icon located at the top of the chat panel, followed by selecting the new participant. This process was easy enough, however, the recent Microsoft 365 update - Roadmap item 97736 - enables you to streamline this process even further.

Now, when you enter the @ character followed by a mention of a person's name within the chat's compose box, the application will suggest participant names based on the input. In addition to name suggestions, you will be presented with an 'add to chat' choice. This feature is designed to facilitate quick-paced communication within the group chat.

Another user-friendly option when adding a new group chat participant is the flexibility to allow the new participant to access previous chat history. Depending on the level of access you wish to grant, you can allow the new participant to view some or all of the chat history, dating back up to 999 days. This feature can be accessed when adding a new chat participant via an @mention from the compose box.

Keep in mind, the new feature requires you to pause after typing the @ character to let the platform register your intent to add a new chat participant. If you continue typing, the application might not be able to acknowledge your request, compelling you to re-enter the @mention.

Despite its convenience, this update might not serve everyone equally. According to Microsoft, this feature might help save two clicks over navigating to the participant control function - a significant convenience for some. However, regardless of how often you'll use it, the addition reflects Microsoft's continuous efforts to refine and enhance their user experience. Microsoft also introduced another crucial feature in the summer of 2022 that lets users initiate a group chat from a distribution list, Microsoft 365 group, or tag.

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