Adaptive Cards  for Power Apps -Design rapidly and Post to Teams using Power Automate
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Apr 22, 2023 7:00 PM

Adaptive Cards for Power Apps -Design rapidly and Post to Teams using Power Automate

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This article will show you step-by-step guidelines on how you can create a Adaptive card with Cards for Power Apps with variables and actions.

Adaptive Cards are very useful feature to display nicely formatted information, images etc in Teams messages or Outlook mails. You can gather data from the card itself instead of going to a separate App. And Power Automate is one of the most effective tools to send the Adaptive card to a chat or mail on an event trigger or in a scheduled basis to meet business requirements.

Adaptive cards are written in JSON format, and earlier, designing the card was a bit tricky, the easiest option was to do it from website. With the release of Cards for Power Apps, designing this Adaptive card became much simpler and effective, and we can do it from Power Apps maker portal itself instead of going to another website.

Cards for Power Apps -Design rapidly and Post to Teams using Power Automate – Suparna’s Tech Basket

More about Adaptive Cards for Power Apps

Adaptive Cards for Power Apps is a feature that allows users to rapidly design and post cards to Microsoft Teams using Power Automate. With Adaptive Cards, users can create cards that are interactive and can be used to share information, such as an announcement, task, or reminder. Adaptive Cards for Power Apps is easy to use and allows users to create cards from scratch using a drag-and-drop editor with an array of customizable elements.

Once the card is designed, it can be posted to Teams with just a few clicks. Additionally, users can create custom templates for commonly used cards, allowing them to save time when creating new cards. The cards can also be triggered automatically via a Power Automate flow, allowing users to automate the process of creating and posting cards.

Questions and Answers about Power Platform/Power Automate

In the designer, select New Step. Search for Microsoft Teams, and then select Post an adaptive card to a Teams channel and wait for a response as the action. Select the Team and the Channel to which you'd like to post the card. Paste this JSON into the Message box.

Flow setup. Sign in to Power Automate.Select My flows > New > Automated cloud flow.Enter a name for your flow.Select the When a file is created (properties only) trigger.Select Create.Set up your trigger by choosing a SharePoint site and Folder ID that you want to monitor.

Directing content to Teams channels

Once you designed your card, insert it in your Power Automate Flow: Add a step, click on Teams, Post an Adaptive Card and wait for a response. Choose your channel or chat option, and in the body copy/paste the code from the designer or Adaptive Card in your Adaptive Card message body.