Microsoft Adaptive Card Loop Components: Live Developer Preview Exclusive!
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Sep 7, 2023 5:00 PM

Microsoft Adaptive Card Loop Components: Live Developer Preview Exclusive!

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Explore Microsofts Adaptive Card-Based Loop components, enhancing productivity across Microsoft 365 apps by integrating live business data into chats and emails

Adaptive Card-based Loop components are now up and running on Microsoft 365 apps, beginning with Microsoft Teams and Outlook. They allow users to introduce live business data into chats and emails. This capability is currently in public preview. Developers have collaborated with various organizations, including SAP, Zoho, and Priority Matrix to generate experiences designed to optimize productivity.

  • These components enable users to create business content directly in teams and other Microsoft 365 apps.
  • They emphasize allowing end users to share and act on business content across various platforms.
  • Adaptive Card-based Loop components elevate user productivity and are designed to deliver various scenarios.
  • They are best suited for users seeking to improve business efficiency through integrating live business data into their regular communication avenues like e-mails and chats.

To create Adaptive Card-based Loop components, you should follow three stages:

  • Pre-requisites - identify relevant cases and build a search-based message extension to support these scenarios.
  • The special Ingredient - include the URL that uniquely identifies the unfurled content, usually the link pasted, in the metadata.webUrl property of your Adaptive Card payload.
  • The experience - follow best practices to ensure the entire user experience is optimal through the Loop component.

Adaptive Card-based Loop components exemplify high-impact tasks. They are live, embeddable, actionable, and portable, keeping users updated with fresh information. This is proven by Priority Matrix, which has enabled users to collaborate on tasks more efficiently in M365. Finally, building Loop components for your additional applications is possible by following specific steps, with Microsoft providing the necessary technical and design guidelines.

Adaptive Card-based Loop components: Elevating Productivity

Adaptive Card-based Loop components offer an intelligent workflow solution across Microsoft 365 applications. By focusing on live interaction, these components reduce the need to switch between applications, enhancing productivity by ensuring relevant business data is easily accessible. Developers can create customised user experiences whilst maintaining consistent communication channels through Outlook and Teams. Private previews of Microsoft Loop components signify the expansion of synchronized, actionable units of productivity within a seamless digital work environment.

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Learn about Adaptive Card-based Loop components – Now in developer preview!

The main topic revolves around Adaptive Card-based Loop components, which are now available in a developer preview. These components are live and actionable units of productivity compatible with Microsoft 365 apps, Microsoft Teams and Outlook.


They were announced at Build '22 and have since been developed in collaboration with organizations like SAP, Zoho and Priority Matrix, enabling users to incorporate live business data into chats and emails. The text provides insights into how one can create a first set of Adaptive Card-based Loop components to integrate business content directly into Teams, Outlook, and other Microsoft 365 apps. It also details how partners can go about developing these components in three key stages. Furthermore, it shares how the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus from the Zoho Corp is utilizing Adaptive Card-based Loop components to enhance its incident and ticket management use cases.


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