Use ChatGPT from OpenAI on Azure Service: Advanced AI
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Sep 28, 2023 1:54 PM

Use ChatGPT from OpenAI on Azure Service: Advanced AI

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Experience AI innovation with Microsoft! Access ChatGPT via Azure OpenAI service & transform your business today!

We are excited to inform you that ChatGPT, a revolutionary AI technology, is now accessible via Azure OpenAI Service's preview. This service, characterized by superior AI models such as Dall-E 2, GPT-3.5, and Codex, among others, has garnered the interest of over 1,000 customers who appreciate its unparalleled supercomputing and enterprise capabilities.

ChatGPT, since its inception, has proven its applicability in numerous scenarios including content summarization, generating email drafts, and solving software programming questions. The integration of this technology into Azure OpenAI Service now allows developers to embed AI-powered experiences into their applications. This service enhancement could transform areas like customer support, advertisement, claims processing and many more by facilitating speedier, personalized, and automated processes.

Another intriguing aspect is the possible merging of Azure OpenAI with cognitive services to create noteworthy use cases for businesses. For instance, the collaboration between Azure OpenAI and Azure Cognitive Service to enable knowledge base retrieval through conversational language is a marvel to behold. Azure OpenAI Service users can now experience the power of ChatGPT at only $0.002/1,000 tokens. The charges commenced from March 13, 2023.

Influence on Real Business

Recognized organizations such as The ODP Corporation and Singapore’s Smart Nation Digital Government Office are among many that have benefited from adopting Azure OpenAI Service. Equipped with ChatGPT, these organizations are poised to achieve more, enhancing their operations and optimizing their service delivery.

For instance, the AI technology of ChatGPT has given The ODP Corporation a significant business advantage. By building a ChatGPT-powered chatbot for their internal business units, they have managed to improve HR’s document review process, generating novel job descriptions, and enhancing associate communication. Meanwhile, the Icertis Company has effectively utilized ChatGPT to process vast data lakes of over two billion metadata and transactional elements.

These massive strides in process automation have been powered by the security and reliability of Azure, in alignment with their tenets of ethical AI. The generative AI helps businesses fully realize their commercial agreements by acting as an intelligent assistant that surfaces and unlocks insights throughout the contract lifecycle.

Users can also harness the power of generative AI models to drive AI transformation with apps like GitHub Copilot, Microsoft Teams Premium and Microsoft Viva Sales. These apps utilize AI models from Azure OpenAI Service to accelerate various functions, enhance productivity and introduce new experiences.

Microsoft has employed a layered approach to ensure responsible application of AI. They have put in place four levels of mitigation: application-level protections, technical protections, process and policy protections, and documentation. In light of these precautions, Microsoft envisions AI to significantly change operations, and they are dedicated to ensuring their AI systems are used conscientiously.

To learn more about Azure OpenAI Service, you can click here.

Further Insights

The integration of AI into various business operations is an exciting revolution heralding new capabilities and opportunities. Azure's AI-powered platform is paving the way for businesses to fast track their growth and relevance in the digital world. More companies are expected to leverage this technology to streamline their processes, improve productivity, and create intuitive user experiences. In this AI era, companies not embracing these AI tools may struggle to stay competitive. The opportunities for innovation, increased productivity, and enhanced customer service are vast, making AI a vital tool for future business operations.

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Azure OpenAI - Use ChatGPT from OpenAI on Azure Service: Advanced AI

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