About Power Platform CLI Solution Command
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Jun 3, 2023 9:00 AM

About Power Platform CLI Solution Command

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We can use tons of remarkable commands in Power Platform CLI that can be very useful. For example, when changing Localization. Instead of doing it in the usual


The article discusses using the Power Platform Command Line Interface (CLI) to make changes in Localization in a more streamlined and efficient way, particularly useful for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) purposes.

The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. PAC Solution Clone: Before starting, the user must set up 'pac auth' to select the desired organization. With a prepared terminal/command prompt, the user can export the solution in a 'solution unpack' format using the 'pac solution clone' command.

  2. Adding Localization: After exporting, the user can modify the generated XML files to include new localizations. For example, the user could add localization in Indonesian for an attribute.

  3. PAC Solution Unpack: To replicate the effect of PAC Solution Clone, the user can export both Managed and Unmanaged versions of the solution and run 'pac solution unpack'. A useful parameter is '–packagetype Both', which generates the same structure as 'pac solution clone' without needing to export Managed and Unmanaged manually.

  4. PAC Solution Pack: To obtain an Unmanaged solution, the user runs the 'pac solution pack' command, providing paths to the zipfile and folder, along with specifying the 'packagetype' as Unmanaged.

  5. PAC Solution Import: To apply the changes to the CRM environment, the user runs 'pac solution import' command. This imports the solution and publishes the changes all at once.

  6. PAC Solution Sync: If any changes are made directly in the Environment, the user can update the files to match the Dataverse environment by running the 'pac solution sync' command.

The Power Platform CLI, with its suite of commands like 'pac solution clone', 'pac solution unpack', 'pac solution pack', 'pac solution import', and 'pac solution sync', opens up many exciting possibilities for developers, simplifying tasks, and enabling more effective ALM.


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Power Platform CLI is a powerful tool that provides a range of commands for managing and manipulating Power Platform solutions. It can be used for a variety of tasks, including changing Localization settings, creating Power Apps components, and deploying solutions. Power Platform CLI also supports advanced scenarios such as solution-level operations, querying Power Platform environments, and working with package and solution files. By learning the commands available in Power Platform CLI, users can quickly and easily automate many of their Power Platform administration tasks.

Power Platform CLI commands are organized by groups, such as "solution", "environment", and "package". Each command belongs to one of these groups, and each group has its own set of options and parameters. When using the command line interface, users can specify which group and command they want to use, as well as any parameters associated with the command. Some commands also have additional options that can be used to customize their behavior.

In addition to individual commands, Power Platform CLI also provides a number of pre-built scripts that can be used to automate common tasks. These scripts can be used to quickly and easily configure Power Platform solutions, or to perform more complex tasks such as creating Power Apps components or deploying solutions. The scripts also provide a way to quickly and easily document the actions taken in the Power Platform environment.

By learning how to use Power Platform CLI, users can easily and quickly automate their Power Platform administration tasks. With its powerful set of commands and pre-built scripts, Power Platform CLI provides a powerful tool for managing and manipulating Power Platform solutions.


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