A new look for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows
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Jan 30, 2023 4:00 PM

A new look for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows

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A vibrant new look and feel is coming to Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows consoles and front-of-room displays. To make Teams Rooms even easier to use, we're ali

Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows platforms and front-of-room displays are getting a fresh new appearance and feel. We're unifying key user interface components throughout the Windows and Android platforms to make Teams Rooms more simpler to use. By the conclusion of this quarter, Microsoft Teams Rooms for Windows application version 4.16 will have these changes broadly accessible.

The user interface's vibrant new ambient panels and the updated calendar on consoles and front-of-room displays will catch their attention first. Additionally, they will benefit from enhanced visual signals that make interacting with the console simpler and more natural throughout the experience. Users will have the option to scroll down the calendar to view the whole day's schedule.