A fun, animated FAB menu for Power Apps
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Jun 20, 2023 7:05 AM

A fun, animated FAB menu for Power Apps

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An animated FAB menu. It can display a menu as a quarter circle (either from the right or left-handed perspective) as well as vertically and has a range of ways

A fun, animated FAB menu for Power Apps. Would you like to add a bit of fun to your Power App, while giving your users a functional new items menu? Well, I have one for you to try out! Read on to find out more about it (or skip to the end and download the Power App solution with a demo app to test out the settings).

So, what is this thing? Essentially, it's a Power Apps component of a floating action button that, when pressed will reveal a menu in either a quarter circle or vertical stack configuration. Of course, how it reveals that menu is the fun part. In the x and y coordinates there are switch functions that relate to one of ten easing functions (which I found at easings.net) to animate the 'out' and 'in' travel of the menu items to their final destination. Selecting a menu item will trigger navigation to the respective screen (after letting the 'in' animation run its course). Specifically in the download (located below) is a Power Apps solution containing a component library.

  • Fun, animated FAB menu for Power Apps
  • Floating action button reveals menu
  • Quarter circle or vertical stack configuration
  • Switch functions for animation
  • Ten easing functions from easings.net
  • Menu items animate in and out
  • Trigger navigation to respective screens
  • Power App solution with demo app available

Discover the Animated FAB Menu in Power Apps

This innovative Power Apps component allows you to enhance user experience with a unique, animated floating action button (FAB) menu. By providing a stylish and interactive way for users to navigate your app, you can create a more engaging and efficient experience. The FAB menu can be customized to suit your specific app's design and comes with various easing functions to choose from. Don't hesitate to explore the potential of the animated FAB menu in your Power App project and elevate your app's functionality and aesthetics.

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Learn about A fun, animated FAB menu for Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a powerful app development platform that enables users to quickly create apps that can be used on any device. With the FAB Menu component, users can add a bit of fun and functionality to their apps by creating a floating action button that reveals a menu when pressed. The menu can be configured in either a quarter circle or vertical stack configuration, and each item on the menu can be configured to trigger navigation to another screen after the animation runs its course. The FAB Menu component also uses switch functions to relate to one of ten easing functions to animate the 'out' and 'in' travel of the menu items. By downloading the Power Apps solution with a demo app, users can quickly test out the settings and start creating powerful, animated apps.

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