Microsoft Teams Fall 2023 Update: Top 8 New Features
Sep 26, 2023 6:00 AM

Microsoft Teams Fall 2023 Update: Top 8 New Features

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Explore the latest MS Teams 2023 features - backgrounds, set location, webinar upgrades & OneNote integration. Stay ahead with these updates!

In this YouTube video by Mike Tholfsen, he discusses about the new features released in Microsoft Teams in the summer of 2023. The eight highlighted features are improvements on the ability to set your location in meetings, new and innovative backgrounds for Teams Meetings, updates to the Webinar capability, better OneNote integration, and more. The author keenly explains that these features are continually updated to make Teams more accommodating and versatile, with some of them being in preview and others fully launched.

  • Introduces the Microsoft Teams new features
  • Discusses meeting background updates
  • Mentions the Set Work/Home location feature
  • Explores the folder colour options in File
  • Shares about the Webinars improvements
  • Explains the integration of Default OneNote channel notes
  • Talks about the GroupMe and Teams Meetings integration
  • Mentions the new Mobile Grid view for EDU

The YouTube video continues to offer several tips and tricks for Microsoft Teams. These are divided into basic and advanced guides, Microsoft Teams for Education, and other various playlists aimed at making the use of Microsoft Teams simpler and more efficient.

Diving Deeper into Microsoft Teams 2023 Features

In the summer of 2023, Microsoft Teams unveiled several new features to bolster user experience. The additions and improvements ensured a more enhanced and interactive environment for users. In the video, Mike Tholfsen presents the functionality of these features.

Notably, the update creates an environment that is more conducive to managing virtual meetings. Users can now set their location during meetings, enhancing productivity and personalisation. Moreover, the platform added new backgrounds for an aesthetic approach to meetings.

There were also significant improvements to the Webinar capability, facilitating targeting, tracking, and following up with attendees. The upgrade also permits better OneNote integration for managing and sharing notes within the teams.

Additional features were rolled out to make the use of Microsoft Teams as user-friendly as possible. Mike Tholfsen, in his video, breaks down these features in detail, boosting the general understanding and usability of the platform.

Learn about 8 New Features in Microsoft Teams | Fall 2023

The video highlights the eight new features introduced to Microsoft Teams in the Summer of 2023. The new features include updated Microsoft Teams Meetings backgrounds, the ability to Set Location, improvements to Webinar functions, integration with OneNote, and much more. The presenter draws attention to continuous updates and roll-outs of the new features, some of which are currently in the public preview stage and others that have been globally launched.

  • Hover improvements enable the ability to Edit and Reply directly.
  • New Meeting backgrounds enhance the visual experience.
  • Set Work/Home location feature for easier navigation.
  • Folder colors in files for improved organization.
  • Improved Webinars capabilities for better virtual events.
  • Default OneNote channel notes for improved accessibility to notes.
  • Integration of GroupMe and Teams Meetings for seamless communication.
  • Mobile Grid view for Education, improving user experience in the education sector.

These features, as per the presentation, are geared towards enhancing productivity, collaboration, and ease of use for Teams users. The presenter also provides a list of learning resources, including a public preview sign-up link and blogs that would assist users in getting up-to-speed with these features.

In addition to these, the presenter offers viewers several playlist links for Microsoft Teams tutorials and tips for varying competency levels, starting from basic to advanced levels, and including specific tips for the Education industry use-cases.

For individuals or companies utilizing Microsoft Teams, these changes bring increased functionality and efficiency. Training courses or other learning resources to fully use these new features may be available on the Microsoft Teams' official resources and related platforms.

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