8 Awesome New Excel Formulas for 2023 | Do you know them?
Jun 19, 2023 5:30 AM

8 Awesome New Excel Formulas for 2023 | Do you know them?

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Learn 8 awesome new formulas in Excel to boost your productivity in 2023

8 Awesome New Excel Formulas for 2023 | Do you know them? Learn 8 awesome new formulas in Excel to boost your productivity in 2023. In this video, we'll go over new excel functions that you can use in 2023. 


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New Formulas in Excel 2023 Can Help You Be More Productive. Over the previous three years, Excel has undergone numerous updates. The new and updated functions in Excel are the main topic of this article, which also includes examples and explanations to help solve common issues.

Maximize Your Productivity with Excel 2023's New Formulas

Dynamic Arrays: Dynamic arrays introduce a transformative way to approach formula calculations in Excel, integral to its latest update. This innovation empowers users to interact with a cell range as they would a single cell, enabling a single formula to fill a range, termed a 'spill range.' Positioned in the spill range's upper-left cell, the formula can extend downwards, rightwards, or in both directions, forming a two-dimensional spill range. To reference a spill range, simply append a ‘#’ to the reference of the top-left cell, like ‘A1#’.

Our previous articles delve into dynamic arrays, offering a comprehensive overview and insights on their unique and filter functions, as well as guidance on using them for sorting lists.

XLOOKUP Function: XLOOKUP serves as a replacement for the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions, and to a certain extent, the INDEX MATCH combination, positioning itself as the favored lookup function. Explore our detailed article on XLOOKUP for an in-depth understanding.

LET Function: The LET function introduces the capability to create variables within formulas, streamlining lengthy and complex formulas for enhanced efficiency. It also seamlessly integrates with the new LAMBDA function, as discussed later. Dive into our detailed LET function guide here.

Text Functions: Explore three innovative text functions designed to simplify text extraction and manipulation through our comprehensive article here.

LAMBDA Function: LAMBDA allows for the creation of custom functions within Excel, eliminating the need for VBA macros. Its capabilities have recently expanded to include optional arguments in custom function creation. Moreover, LAMBDA plays a crucial role in enabling other new functions. Discover more about LAMBDA in our extensive guide here.

ISOMITTED Function: Working in tandem with LAMBDA, ISOMITTED identifies when optional arguments in custom functions are omitted, allowing for default values to be set, akin to Excel’s native functions.

BYROW/BYCOL Functions: These functions address challenges related to referring to rows and columns in a two-dimensional spill range, initially observed with dynamic arrays’ introduction. Both functions necessitate LAMBDA for optimal functionality. Learn how to use them through our article.

VSTACK/HSTACK Functions: Addressing common data manipulation and report building challenges, VSTACK combines rows while HSTACK amalgamates columns. Discover their applications and more through examples and explanations in our content.

TAKE and DROP Functions: These functions provide the ability to selectively retrieve or omit entries from spill ranges, applicable to both rows and columns.

CHOOSEROWS and CHOOSECOLS Functions: Extract specific rows or columns from two-dimensional spill ranges with these functions, simplifying data manipulation and analysis.

Additional Functions: Explore more advanced functions related to dynamic arrays, including TOROW/TOCOL, WRAPROWS/WRAPCOLS, MAP, REDUCE, SCAN, and MAKEARRAY.

New DAX Functions: Excel’s PowerPivot feature has welcomed 92 new DAX functions, aligning its capabilities with Power BI and enhancing its functionality for relational database reporting.

Keep up with the latest advancements in Excel by mastering these new formulas for 2023. Not only will they speed up your workflow, but they will also make your data analysis tasks more efficient. By familiarizing yourself with these powerful functions, you'll be able to tackle complex data cleaning tasks and make the most of your data within Excel. Stay ahead of the curve and supercharge your productivity by mastering these new Excel functions for 2023




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