Comprehensive Review: 5 Perspectives on Project for the Web
Sep 20, 2023 1:30 PM

Comprehensive Review: 5 Perspectives on Project for the Web

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Explore 5 Views in Project for the Web: Master task management with Grid View, Board View, Timeline View, Chart View & People View.

In the video "5 Views of Project for the Web" by SharePoint Maven Inc, a thorough overview is provided on the available views in Project for the Web. The author first introduces us to the concept and purpose of Project for the Web, a web-based task management tool targeted at managing tasks with dependencies and tracking the effort invested into these tasks. Here, this tool is identified as a more complex and advanced option when compared to Planner, which is most suitable for smaller or less formal projects.

The video breaks down five different views available in Project for the Web:

  • Grid View: A table-like list of tasks designed for quick assignment. It provides the most flexibility when managing tasks.
  • Board View: This view organizes tasks in a Kanban-style mode, similar to Planner. It's considered a bonus for projects using Agile or Scrum methodology.
  • Timeline View: It visualizes tasks in a Gantt chart mode, making it easier to understand dependencies and make necessary adjustments.
  • Chart View: Providing some basic report/analytics data, it gives a general overview of project status.
  • People View: This view helps visualize task distribution among team members, aiding easy task reassignment.

Deep Dive into "5 Views of Project for the Web"

The video provides a comprehensive breakdown of Microsoft's Project for the Web tool. Starting from the Grid View to the People View, each feature is designed specifically for different project requirements. The Grid View stands out in terms of flexibility offered for managing tasks, while the Board View syncs well with Agile or Scrum methodologies. On the other hand, Timeline View visualizes task dependencies effectively and the Chart View offers a general overview of the project status, but without any editing rights. Lastly, the People View enables easy reassignment and visualization of task distribution among the team. Briefly, the "5 Views of Project for the Web" video is a perfect guide on effectively utilizing Microsoft's powerful project management tool.

Learn about 5 Views of Project for the Web

In the YouTube video, the author explores the five different views available in Project for the Web, a web-based task management application developed by Microsoft. The video shows how these views can enhance task organization, assignment, and management for teams, and aims to guide users in utilizing these features effectively.

  • The first view, the Grid View, is a table-like list of tasks. It offers the greatest flexibility for managing tasks, allowing users to assign tasks, change their start and finish dates, durations, and efforts, attach documents, create checklists, add notes, and attach files. This versatile and comprehensive view is likely to be the one where users will spend most of their time when managing a project.

  • The second view is the Board View, which displays tasks in a format similar to Kanban-style, akin to Microsoft Planner. The Board View organizes tasks in various categories, or "buckets," just like Planner. However, users can rename and add more buckets as needed. Subtasks without child subtasks are displayed in this Kanban-style format. The author hints at more views, but the text extract does not include information on these.

To gain a deeper understanding of Project for the Web and its intricate features, users could consider completing training courses on Microsoft Products, particularly ones focusing on task management applications. Additionally, users could utilize platforms like Microsoft Learn and LinkedIn Learning for in-depth study materials and courses.

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