5 Unexpected Power BI Traps
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Apr 8, 2023 9:30 AM

5 Unexpected Power BI Traps

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5 traps that beginners and experienced users struggle with. These are bugs / features that cause results that are not what you'd expect

Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool that can help organizations make data-driven decisions. However, there are some common traps that users may fall into while working with Power BI.

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  • 00:15 Phantom Secondary Axis
  • 00:54 SortBy & REMOVEFILTERS
  • 02:10 Vertical Line Colour
  • 02:57 The Missing Background Image
  • 03:25 The Disappearing Power Query window

More Power BI Traps

  1. Data quality issues: One of the biggest traps in Power BI is not taking the time to clean and prepare your data before importing it into Power BI. If your data is inaccurate, incomplete, or inconsistent, it can lead to incorrect insights and decisions.
  2. Overloading visuals: Another trap is overloading your Power BI reports with too many visuals and charts. This can make it difficult for users to quickly and easily understand the insights and can lead to confusion.
  3. Over-reliance on default settings: Power BI has many powerful features, but relying solely on default settings can limit the effectiveness of your reports. It’s important to take the time to customize your visuals, data models, and other settings to ensure that you are getting the most out of the tool.
  4. Not considering the audience: Power BI reports should be tailored to the needs and expectations of your target audience. Failure to do so can lead to confusion or a lack of engagement.
  5. Neglecting data security: Finally, it’s important to keep your data secure and follow best practices for data protection. Failing to do so can lead to data breaches or unauthorized access, which can have serious consequences for your organization.

By being aware of these Power BI traps, you can avoid common mistakes and get the most out of this powerful tool.

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