5 Power Platform CLI admin hacks
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Jul 15, 2023 11:00 AM

5 Power Platform CLI admin hacks

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Ever find that administering the Power Platform can involve some rather tedious and lengthy tasks such as navigating through a huge admin center to find

This text discusses 5 powerful Command Line Interface (CLI) admin hacks for the Power Platform. Working in the admin center can sometimes involve tedious and lengthy tasks, such as navigating a large admin center to find a certain feature or function. The suggested solution is to use CLI admin which is efficient and reduces the need for continuous GUI clicks to find the required options or settings.

  • These admin hacks can streamline navigation in the Power Platform and simplify use.
  • They also help in overcoming the time-taking tasks involved in the usual GUI's.
  • CLI admin is an efficient tool in managing a large and complex admin center.
  • Using these hacks, administrators can quickly get to what they need without much effort.
  • They are effectively a farewell to the days of a million GUI clicks.

Useful Insights into Power Platform CLI Admin Hacks

CLI admin hacks come handy in managing and operating on the Power Platform. They save time, reduce complexity, and improve the overall administration process. They serve as an efficient tool for administrators who need to deal with large and complex admin centers. With these hacks, they have quick and easy access to what they need, thereby improving their productivity remarkably. On the whole, these hacks are a must for Power Platform users aiming to get rid of unnecessary GUI clicks.


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The Power Platform provides users with a powerful set of tools to help them build powerful business applications. However, administering the platform can involve time-consuming and tedious tasks. Fortunately, the Power Platform CLI (Command Line Interface) provides users with a quick and efficient way to manage their Power Platform environment. Through the CLI, users can perform a variety of tasks, including creating and managing resources, configuring their environment, and monitoring their environment's performance. With the CLI, admins can quickly and easily manage their environment without having to navigate through a large admin center. Additionally, the CLI also provides users with the ability to automate their administration tasks. This allows users to quickly and efficiently perform repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more important tasks. By leveraging the CLI, users can reduce the time spent administering their Power Platform environment and focus on more important tasks.

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