5 places to apply branding in SharePoint
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Feb 15, 2023 4:00 AM

5 places to apply branding in SharePoint

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One of the frequent questions I get from my clients when I build Intranet portals for them, is about the ability to brand the SharePoint application.

I always advocate for keeping branding out of the box. Yes, it will be limited, but it will ensure your beautiful design will not conflict with new updates and features Microsoft will roll out in SharePoint overnight. A great example in recent history was the release of [SharePoint App Bar](https://sharepointmaven.com/what-is-sharepoint-app-bar-and-how-to-configure-it/) a few years ago. Some organizations created menu customizations on the left-hand side of the screen, which were “overtaken” by the SharePoint App Bar, which now takes the place of this prime screen real estate. As a result, Admins need to run custom PowerShell commands to disable the SharePoint App Bar in their tenants temporarily. **Oy Vey!** - **Site theme** - **Header & Footer Logos** - **Microsoft 365 Bar** - **Viva Connections Logo** - **Microsoft 365 Login Page** https://sharepointmaven.com/5-places-to-apply-branding-in-sharepoint/ ## Other Topic for Branding 1. SharePoint Home Pages: Branding your home page is a great way to make sure that users recognize the look and feel of your site. This could include custom logos, images, and colors that match your company's branding guidelines. 2. Lists and Libraries: You can use branding to create a professional look for lists and libraries in SharePoint by adding custom views, columns, or forms with specific designs for each list or library item type. 3. Site Navigation: Use branding to customize the navigation on your website so it matches the overall design of your organization’s brand identity. This includes creating custom links for menus as well as adding buttons and other elements when necessary to help visitors find their way around quickly and easily. 4. Web Parts: Customize web parts in SharePoint with various styles such as fonts, sizes, colors etc., all following corporate styling guidelines so they fit into the desired theme of the website while still providing useful information at a glance. 6. Templates & Themes: Design unique templates specifically created for each department within an organization based on their particular needs which will also reflect its own branded style throughout pages across the entire intranet site ## More links on about Microsoft 365/SharePoint/SharePoint Online - [Branding your SharePoint site - Microsoft Learn](https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/branding-sharepoint-online-sites-modern-experience) Apr 18, 2022 — Branding can be applied at the site level, to a group of sites, or to all sites within your organization. Branding your SharePoint site will ... - [Where and how do you start branding SharePoint - ShareGate](https://sharegate.com/blog/where-and-how-to-start-branding-sharepoint) Jul 31, 2014 — Needless to say that if you are looking to brand SharePoint, it's important to know how HTML and CSS work together. HTML is the structure of ... - [How to Add Branding to Your SharePoint Site - Dock 365 Blog](https://blog.mydock365.com/how-to-add-branding-to-your-sharepoint-site) Go to your site, click Settings and then Change the look > Naviation. · Select either Megamenu or Cascading. · Click Apply to save everything.